#TrybeStreetLife : Fear women !! How Barbie scammed me of over 2.5 million Naira

We had three rounds of amazing s3x that night. I woke up the following morning, expecting to pull a human closer to my chest, but there was no one there. I was calm until I checked the apartment to find that her things were gone.” – Tunde

After a long month, Tunde decides to unwind by attending parties. At a certain club, he meets Barbie and not too long after, they become really close friend

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Hi. My name is Tunde, and this is the story of how I got scammed of a million naira. About two weeks ago, I was feeling stressed out after a long month of classes, tests, and exams happening around the same time. As a student of the university and also a business man, it was very difficult juggling life.

I called a friend of mine and asked him if there were any parties in town that we could attend for the weekend, and as a sure guy, he had an unending list. We went from one party to the next, having the time of our lives. After the third party, we eventually wound up in a club. At this club, I met all sorts of gorgeous ladies of different colors and as*s and b**bs sizes. I danced with many of them and sprayed money too. When I went out to catch my breath, I noticed that one of the ladies I danced with had followed me out. She walked up to me, stretched out her hand for a shake and said “I’m Barbie.” Trying to drop a pick up line, I said “I guess that makes me Ken.” She giggled lightly. Barbie was drop-down gorgeous. We chatted for a while and then exchanged contacts.

Barbie called me on a Tuesday morning, crying about how her boyfriend had beaten her. I was half awake wondering why she was telling me all of these, but I am not a rude person, so I listened and comforted her. I even asked if she wanted to have breakfast with me in a restaurant, and she agreed. That was the beginning of our friendship. She began calling me every night and we’d talk for long hours until one of us was falling asleep. I began to open up to her. I told her that I was a final year student of medicine and also a car dealer. She did not mind that I was younger than her. We continued our friendship.
One evening, a knock rapped on my door. When I went to open it, I saw Barbie standing there in tears. I ushered her in and got her her favourite soft drink, a Coke. When she had calmed down a bit, she told me how her boyfriend dumped her right in

front of his friends. She felt so embarrassed and needed someone to comfort her. Of course, I was there for her. She asked if she could sleep over at my place that night. I gave her one of my shirts and a pair of shorts for her to change into. The shorts were practically useless. My shirt looked so big and s*xy on her. I was having a hard on. When I made to walk out of the room, I was stopped by her voice. She asked me to stay with her. I climbed in bed next to her and held her. She looked at me, battered her eyelashes. She looked like she wanted what I wanted as much as I did. I kissed her. I did not know what to expect, but the next thing that happened, she was on top of me and rocking her as*s against my hard on. Our clothes were still on. My body was on fire. She worked magic on me like I had never experienced before.

We had been having s3x a lot since that experience and I felt bad even though I loved. I did not want her to think that I was taking advantage of her.

“I’d like to get a car.” Barbie said one day. It took me by surprise. I was happy and scared at the same time. I wad happy because I was a car dealer. I was scared because I wondered if she wanted me to get the car for her. She told me she had been saving up to buy a car for a while. We talked about different models and she settled for one that was within her budget. Now, I did not own a car dealing business, I just worked for a man. Anytime I brought a client to him, he gave me a commission.

On the weekend, we went to get her car. Barbie said that she wanted to see the car before paying for it. That was alright. When it was time for her to make the payment, she said that her bank app was having some technicalities, and asked if she could take the car and pay later. My boss said no, but after having a side conversation with him, he agreed. I told him that Barbie was my person and I knew her like the back of my hand. I assured him that she would not dupe him. We drove home in her new ride. I did not have a car of my own. Yet.
We had three rounds of amazing sex that night. I woke up the following morning,

expecting to pull a human closer to my chest, but there was no one there. I was calm until I checked the apartment to find that her things were gone. “Maybe she had to get something done at home” I said. I sighted a note on the table in the sitting room. “Thank you for the car. Love, Barbie.” My heart started pounding in my chest. I called my boss to ask if he had received the money. He hadn’t. I wan mad.
I called Barbie for the umpteenth time, and for the umpteenth time, I heard “the number you are trying to call is switched off.


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