#TrybeStreetLife: Sex For Grade ; How i slept with my lecturer for an “A”


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I will remain anonymous and will send this to the world anonymously especially because I am still a student. I am a student of one of the most difficult departments in faculty of Art and in my school, it is more or less a curse to graduate with a First class. Since I know that, I always make sure I don’t have less than C. Even if I don’t have a First class, I must be a Second class student. 2020 came with lockdown which was a result of a deadly virus known as Corona virus. We all know the hell we all went through during that period. School was on break, deaths records and others.

Breakthrough happened and this disease found its way back and disappeared into the thin air. We all came back to school 2021, but I was part of the unlucky ones who caught the virus afterwards. My mom’s sister got back from Paris almost immediately the lockdown finished and I don’t know how she escaped isolation. Almost everyone in my house caught the virus and we were taken to the isolation centre. I lost out in school activities during this period and being a very quiet and shy person, I hardly have friends who could help me with notes, assignments and also attendance.

I also decided not to tell anyone so as to avoid stigmatization when I resume. Few weeks to examination and I was cleared off Corona. I got back to school and I am totally lost on the next step. I ran to my course rep, who gave me materials and textbooks but it was never enough. My course is not just any course you will read roughly and intend to pass or have good grades on. Then I decided to meet up with one of the most influential lecturers in my department to have conversation with him.

At least he can control other lecturers since he is well known and respected . I planned to explain things to him about my absence and the reason why there was no formalism absence. I did not write to school for “leave of absence” but I took my Doctor’s report and the necessary documents along. After so much delay at the entrance, he finally let me inside his office. He told me to sit down while he wasted another 30 minutes writing books. Finally, he faced me and I explained all I came to the office to do, presenting the Doctor’s report. He went through them, rolling the chair when he tore them and pour them on my face.

I stood up angrily and asked what were those for and he told me they were lies that never mattered. I tried to prove my points but all were pointless because no single evidence. I went on my kneels to ask for what he wanted. I don’t want to carry 6 courses with 3 units each over. He look at me and smiled. He used a proverb on me “What you are looking for in Sokoto, it is in your pocket” He stared at me and said again “Use what you have to get what you want”

I asked further and he said he want to have sex with me and he will make sure I have “A” in all my courses. It became juicy. Something that will never happen in our department. Having an A parallel will boost my GP. I might be lucky to be on First class or Second class upper. Even if I read and do overnights, attend classes, I can’t have A parallel. I gave him a yes answer and we decided to hook up in his house for some precaution reasons. His wife is currently not in Nigeria and again, he is a Man of God. It will be so awkward for him to use an hotel.

At night, he sneak me in at the Staffs Quarters and we had sex. We had 4 rounds of sex and I wonder if this man was ever old. Examination came, I wrote what my brain could process. Results came out and truly, I had A parallel. It has never happened before and it’s so shocking. I wrote nonsense and gibberish down in my papers. I went to appreciate him with a bottle of wine. He rejected it and told me he want nothing than for our sexual relationship to continue. He told me how my honey pot is so “sweet” and tight.

I felt reluctant. I don’t like old men if not for the circumstances that made us had the first sex. He saw my reaction and blackmail me by saying he will turn all my “A”or “D” or “F” . I apologized and since then, we have been having sex. This man made me his sex machine and will always call me to either his office or house for sex. I was becoming irritated especially with his threat, so a day came. He called me as usual for sex and I was determined to keep my As in my portal and end the sex contract with my lecturer.

I went to a nearby hospital a week after, begged the Doctor in charge and even tip him some money to forge a pregnancy test for me. I have my reason, he is a Man of God, precisely a Deacon. How many ears will hear that a whole married Deacon was committing adultery with his student to the extent of getting her pregnant. I called him and told him how urgent we should see. Got to his office, and my acting mode got activated.

Started crying on how he has destroyed me with pregnancy. He started sweating profusely while reading the test result over again. I brought another copy of the test result and told him that if he tore it just the way he did to my corona test result, I have many copies. That made him almost fainted, he knelt down and started appealing to me to get rid of the baby. He reminded me his position in the church and also told me how much he love his wife and his family. I became hellbent to come to his church and hand over the test result to the General Overseer of his church.

He held my leg and began to beg me not to destroy him totally. I gave him a condition to get rid of the baby. My As will never leave my portal and he should give me enough money to get rid of the baby. He sent 100k into my account and since then, he blocked my number and will do anything to avoid me in the faculty building and departmental offices. That’s how I escaped being his sex machine with my As standing strong in my portal