Top 7 places to make out in University Of Ibadan


As a vibrant and bustling university campus, the University of Ibadan offers plenty of nooks and crannies for students looking for a private and intimate space to spend some quality time with their partners. From secluded gardens to quiet corners of the library, the university has plenty of options for those seeking a romantic spot to make out. Whether you’re looking for a quick kiss or a longer, more passionate encounter, you’re sure to find a suitable location on campus. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 7 places to make out on the University of Ibadan campus, so you can enjoy some alone time with your significant other in a comfortable and private setting.

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1. Faculty of Technology:

Faculty of Technology UI

The back of the faculty lecture theatre could pass as a one-night stand as its best known for being isolated from most faculties buildings which makes it unusually quiet and dark most nights. You and your lover could just get a place behind and use but I hope you don’t get caught

2. Mathematics and Statistics Building:


This is the building next to the faculty of Technology. They are both known for being in an isolated part of the university and at night, no one’s gonna see or be bothered about what you do as students seldomly pass here and you probably won’t get a disturbance while in the act

3. Faculty of Education


The faculty premises are unusually quiet even during the day. Of course, there are securities around but I’m sure if you know your way around the faculty, you can get some places around the buildings back. Although, it’s kinda bushy I guess you won’t care. Lol.

4. Awo road:

Awo hall is the only isolated hall in the whole university. Let’s say it’s on a road on its own. Whenever it’s past 7 pm, students in the hall find it hard to get transport to their hall as most drivers tend to ignore driving down that part but prefer to take students from closer halls. Hence, if you choose to have yours along the road, no one would really care unless you get caught by the school authority which I wouldn’t say what you’d get in return.

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5. Faculty of Agric road

This faculty road leads to quite a few places. It leads outside the school, leads to a poultry farm, and to a few staff quarters. Hence, not many students pass here by night because it’s not anywhere close to any of the school hostels so you can rest assured you will have your way here with no one getting in your way.

6. Heritage park

This is a park with some seats for students who want to relax or students whose friends are around and we’re not allowed into the school hostels. It’s a bushy lane and can be quiet and isolated at night. As long as you won’t be making out on the road in case anyone decides to come through the path or a fellow who’s like you too, you’ll surely have it done.

7. Love Garden:

This is a recreation spot sort of but as the name implies, most students come there with their lovers and friends whether to gist or hang out. They tend to do a few things whenever the light goes off. If you’re fast with what you’re up to or you’re someone who doesn’t care about looking out for people who know you because you’d also see peek who are there as you are so there’s nothing to worry about.