20 Nigerian students shared with us what they would do if they are appointed as the VC in their school.

Have you ever wondered what a university vice-chancellor (VC) would do if they were a student themselves? Would their approach to leadership change if they had experienced the daily life of a student firsthand? We posed this question to 20+ Nigerian students, and their answers might surprise you.
Their answers ranged from abolishing exams to legalizing smoking on campus.

 Read on to discover their responses

1. John Sofia, 23 (UNN)

I would declare Thursday and Friday weekend for student, only Monday – Wednesday would be working days

2. Deborah Johnson, 22 (OAU)

I will create a policy that would allow student be able to get a degree for which ever level you stop, so if you decide to stop at part 2, you will get a degree showing that you are a graduate with just 2 years study.

3. Iyanu Adeola, 18 (UI)

I will have all my friends graduate with a 5.0 first class. 

4. Olamilekan Progress, 26 (LASU)

I permit smoking of weeds within Campus.

5. Chidubem Ezekiel, 23 (UST)

Cancel exams cos exams are to test if you actually know something. Just trust the students to have known them so exams are not needed

6. Jeff Joshua, 20 (OAU)

Make Friday’s party a restricted elective for everyone .

7. Ifechukwu Ogadi, 21 (UNN)

Students must not fail If they do, I will sack the lecturer cos Na the lecturer no sabi how to teach be that

8. Kelvin Jack, 22 (UNIBEN)

Actually something simple. Just make the courses offered relevant to the department as much as possible. Why am I as a mechatronics student making doors and burglary as my 300lvl first semester project fgs. I am tired. 200level, we were making Parker’s and shelf, we thought it was still general engineering but 300lvl learning door welding when the course I chose is friggin robotics is so unserious

9. Susan Afolabi, 27 (UNILAG)

I’d legalize open book tests and exams cause understanding>>>>craming When in the field, you won’t be required to have it all the theory in your head on the go. You can ask Google or chatGPT for that

10. Francis Faith 21, (OAU)

Lecturers would get paid based on the number of students that pass their course 

11. Chidumeme Franklin, 24 (OAU)

I will include monthly allowance of a token for students and I will try reducing the cost of school fees sha , Plus I go cancel some courses whey no geh future for Nigeria sha like Biochemistry & Microbiology. 

12. Susan Alabi, 22 (OAU)

I will abolish 7am classes there will be security men everywhere..No indecent dressing from the girls..No tangled hair from the guys.. More security men.. More people to ensure that they properly do as they should

13. Anjola Akande, 23 (UNILORIN)

If i be VC..all those course wey no dey produce first class during convocation, their lecturer go get personal meeting with me to explain why, Coz on a low you can’t tell me the students aren’t intelligent enough to bag a first class.. Definitely the problem is from those impacting the Knowledge

14. Olabode Esther 21, (FUTA)

Provide speakers in all classes, the first thing I go do

15. Jadesola John, 19 (EKSU)

as VC at least one meal per day would be provided for students and exams would be written when the student is ready and in whatever order they want since it’s all multiple-choice, extra year would only be one year and you can register however you want, with lecturers unable to fail extra year students.

16. Tino Faith 24, (OAU)

Ban all technological devices 
Only customized device provided by the institution
No more parties
Less than 2.5 GP and you will be rusticated

17. Omolewa Asake 22, (UNIBEN)

As a VC Exams should be made easy, the way you teach in  class, so you set your questions, the same examples and assignment you give, let it come out exactly like that

18. Feranmi Peter 20, (ABSU)

As VC, I will Make/build comfortable reading spot avaliable in school, aside from classrooms

19. Jude Jeffy, 28 (OAU)

No extra year for students, if you carry one to two courses over it should be overlooked

20. Prince Wale, 24 (UNICAL)

I will make sure student have enough fun during the weekend to coll them down and prepare them for the next week stress, They will have at least two educational competition every week, a month workshop seminar for skills and resting. Them must know book and life generally. 
In conclusion, we hope that the ideas shared by these Nigerian students on what they would do if they were appointed as the VC in their schools have sparked your interest and got you thinking about the changes you would make if given the opportunity. We appreciate your engagement and support as we continue to provide a platform for people to express their opinions and share their unique perspectives. If you want to be a part of our next session and share your own ideas, kindly click on the link to join our Game & Feature group. We look forward to hearing from you!