Single peeps are likely to live longer than those in relationships – Here are 10 advantages of staying single.’

I know you must have heard the phrase ‘Single Pringle,’ and I can bet most of us have been called that by our friends. Before you shy away from this, I also know you get all emotional. But do you know that being single comes with a lot of health benefits? When a man who has been alive for over 200 years was asked the secret to his long life, he said, ‘Stay single.’ Before now, everyone has always rated and admired the “Lomotif couple,” but today I am happy to tell you that being single comes with a lot of advantages more than being in a relationship.
Well, sit tight, bring out your books and pens, and you can also add a bowl of popcorn while I give you ten important advantages of being single. You won’t get this anywhere else (LOL).


You think freedom is overrated until you get into a relationship with a clingy partner. Freedom is one of the most significant advantages of being single. I mean, you can do what you want, make certain decisions without having to consult anyone else, or have anyone tag you as selfish. Ask those peeps in a relationship if they can confidently go for an outing without informing their partners.


To all independent and self-sufficient peeps reading this, staying single allows you to be independent without relying on anyone else. You can be the superhero in your own story!


Don’t be deceived; staying single can help you focus. In case you don’t know, most relationship’s are distractions. Why do you think Jesus was single (LOL)? He had to focus on His primary assignment. Staying single gives you the opportunity to focus on personal growth and development. Most people can work on becoming the best version of themselves without obligations or distractions.


I felt this was just some sort of excuse until my tech friend lost a big project he got on Fiverr because of Precious. Precious was always complaining of him not having time for her and always being busy with his laptop. Guess what? Precious got jealous of his laptop and decided to break the screen before Femi could repair it. His potential client already canceled the order. Being single gives you enough time to focus on your career. You can work hard, pursue your professional goals, and not worry about the impact of your decisions on your personal life. There is a popular saying that singlehood is the time of our lives where we can take any risk we want. You can invest in a business and not worry because you’ll be the only one sleeping under the bridge (Haha!).


As a ‘Single Pringle,’ you can have control over the reins of your finances by being able to control what you buy and decide how you spend your money as you deem fit. Ade broke up with his girlfriend and started saving all the allowance he used to give her with Trybe Vest Thrift. Lo and behold, Ade saved over 500,000 in two months.  Join Trybe Vest today , the biggest student financial community today and get the opportunity to save funds and Thrift, click here to join =


This cannot be overemphasized. For people like me who value their ‘me time,’ staying single can help you. Think about it, time alone, brainstorming, creating ideas, pursuing interests, taking courses, and a lot of other things you can do with your time that will keep you fulfilled and happy.


K-drama is nothing compared to relationship drama, we all know that relationships can be complicated and bring unnecessary drama into your life. Choosing to stay single can give you a break from all the stress and drama that comes with a romantic relationship.


When you’re single, you don’t have to compromise your thoughts, ideas, values, or beliefs. You get to live life on your own terms and stay true to yourself.


As a single person, you won’t have to worry about the popular saying “na everybody go chop breakfast” because na person wey dey relationship dey chop breakfast . You can have peace of mind that comes from within. You won’t have to stress about why someone is not calling or texting you back, or who they are hanging out with. This peace of mind is priceless.


Once you enter into a relationship, you might have to say “bye bye” to your hot friends because your partner may not allow you to hang out with them as much as you would like. However, as a single person, you get to enjoy quality time with your friends, and these hangouts can be spontaneous. Studies show that staying single increases social connections, which is amazing!
As you can see, being a “Single Pringle” is not such a bad idea after all. Embrace it and enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with it. We are rooting for you!