How to become a Trybe City Ambassador (2023)

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Are you interested in becoming more than just an ordinary citizen and instead, a first-class member of the biggest Tech-media brand on your campus, Trybe City? If so, this article will provide a comprehensive review of everything you need to know about becoming a verified ambassador for Trybe City. This includes information on the requirements, rules and regulations, your responsibilities, and the benefits of joining the program.


As a tech-media brand, we’re dedicated to helping students and the wider community overcome challenges and frustrations. With an expanding network of subsidiaries, we’re committed to becoming the ‘Facebook Inc of Africa.’ If you’re an innovator looking for a secure future, why not join our team of like-minded individuals?


The Trybe City Technology Limited RC 1965674 is a registered conglomerate under the corporate affairs commission, a multi-media business outfit focusing on bringing creative innovations to Nigerian campuses.

Trybe City is the leading tech media brand in all institutions in Nigeria today. Ranging from news updates, radio broadcasts to having been on screens of 1000+ students, Trybe City is confident of the influence it has had on students.

With our internships in the radio department, the bloggers, content creators, graphic designers, video editors dozens of skills have been transferred to a whole lot of students who are experts in their fields and with our workspace where you can work as a full time staff you get to implement those skills in your daily activities.

Yes!! Trybe City Technology LTD have an HQ in OAU Ife. We’ve been able to impact lives more with our staff working in the office and members working online.It’s impossible to put to paper all of the brand’s achievements but here are a few notable ones,


● Trybe City have roots and Influence in 10+ institution across the country

● Recognised by notable brands & individuals outside the country

● Birthed the biggest campus brand in Obafemi Awolowo University

● Recognized by Google has a Verified source of information and one the most visited website in Osun state

● Created a community of more than 1000+ people across different institutions.

● Introduced original innovations to the campuses around the country.

● A source material and example for other brands.


In a world where your network is greater than your CGPA , being a member of Trybe comes with a lot of career advancement & benefits such as ;

1. Work reference and certification

It is a special documentation that is obtained from Trybe City after you have successfully worked as an ambassador and proven yourself worthy of receiving one. These references and certifications can be used by the person when applying for jobs to demonstrate their qualifications and enhance their job prospects.

2. Exclusive skill training at Trybe City Hub

It is a specialized training program that is offered by Trybe City Hub, which is a learning and development center. This training program is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in different areas, such as digital marketing, graphic design, or coding. The training is considered “exclusive” because it may be limited to a certain number of participants or only available to those who meet certain qualifications.

3. Free printing of documents.

It is a service where you can print out documents or materials without having to pay any fee. It may be offered by Trybe City as a perk of being an ambassador. The idea behind free printing is to make it easier and more affordable for people to access and print important documents, such as resumes, school assignments, or informational materials. However, it’s important to note that even though printing is offered for free, there are limits on the number of pages or copies that can be printed.

4. Monthly payment of transport T-fare.

It is a payment plan where Trybe City pays the transportation fees of ambassadors once a month. The average fee of boarding a bus will be calculated and not the fee of taking long distances on a motorcycle.

5. Job opportunities within and outside school

This is an effort made by Trybe City Hub, a learning and development center, to provide employment opportunities to individuals both within and outside the school. Trybe City offers part-time jobs or internships to students who are studying or graduates, allowing them to gain work experience while they learn. By doing so, Trybe City is helping to bridge the gap between education and employment and supporting individuals in their career development.

6) Networking and connecting.

Being an ambassador provides several advantages when it comes to networking and connecting, especially in a professional context. Ambassadors typically have increased visibility within the view of the public, access to connected people, and opportunities to build relationships with other ambassadors, you also benefit from enhanced credibility and a good reputation from affiliating with the brand.

NOTE: All benefits are subject to terms and conditions as it mainly depends on your level of activeness and task performance rate.



1. Every member must introduce him/herself when you have been successfully acknowledged as an ambassador.

2. Posting content in the group which is not Trybe City related is not allowed(if you have to post any personal content, make sure you get permission from an Admin and receive a go-ahead.

3. 100% performance of tasks from every ambassador is compulsory.

4. Members are allowed to send a direct message to an admin if they have an inquiry or question.

5. As ambassadors your primary responsibility is to promote the brand wherever you find yourself, especially on your social media platforms.

6. You are to follow the brand on all social media platforms.

7. Never delete Trybe City’s content from your status or whatever tasks you perform. If you are caught doing so, the penalty is immediate eviction.

What Are Tasks?

Tasks assigned to our ambassadors typically involve reposting designs or texts on your social media profiles, liking and commenting on Trybe City’s social media posts, and other similar activities. These tasks are straightforward and won’t take up too much of your time. Once completed, you’ll need to submit screenshots of your task performance in a dedicated group, the link to which will be provided. Our brand has developed several innovative solutions that are making a positive impact on people’s lives, and our goal is to share these innovations with as many people as possible.


Trybe City conducts a monthly review and promotion process for all levels of ambassadors. Those who have performed exceptionally well with a task completion rate of 90% will have the opportunity to be promoted to the next stage, depending on their preference. On the other hand, ambassadors who complete less than 50% of their assigned tasks will be demoted to a lower stage. This ensures that ambassadors are held accountable for their performance and encourages them to strive for excellence.

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