#TrybeShips- How To Enjoy A Lovely Relationship With An HIV Partner

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“On today’s episode of #TrybeShips, just like in “MTV Shuga” series, we will be revealing healthy ways you can stay an HIV partner


Hmm. Where to begin? 

We remember the ” MTV SHUGA” series. The Femi and Sheila love story — that sweet sweet love — the fairy tale girls dream of. So a little backstory, yeah? 

Well, “MTV SHUGA” is generally a series tailored to African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, and Senegal to awaken the knowledge of STDs, STIs, and family planning across Africa. It features actors across these countries. In the Nigerian-based series of this show, Femi and Sheila’s love story reigned. 

Femi by some means got the sexually transmitted disease HIV. Sheila his girlfriend was without. Did Sheila leave? What was her reaction? It was difficult for her at the start but with time she accepted truly and wholly. Their love soared across the continent even to the point of marriage. It was a beautiful thing to see indeed. Such unconditional love. 

How was Sheila able to survive? How can you too enjoy a lovely relationship with your HIV partner? 

Read along; 


My dear, you will be needing a lot of this. There is no escaping it. Especially if third parties know this info. That makes it a lot more difficult. Expect taunts from family and friends. Expect more from your family. It is tough. This is why you need loads of patience. As much as you have to own a voice and speak up for him or her when needed, there are times when even silence speaks louder. I believe in you. If anyone can pull this through, it is you! 


Have you thought twice of the saying ‘Communication is key to emotional growth’ Please and please, you need to COMMUNICATE. Allow your soul to speak. Allows them to be your safe space. Are you facing a hard time due to stigmatisation from colleagues or stuff? Talk to them. The more you talk and are heard, the more you connect on an emotional level. And where you are saying this level of emotional connection, you are in a vital battle.


Spirituality is It is a male for the soul. So, as your partner dutifully confers to the Antiretrovirals, you and them both should get on a religion or ideology greater than yourselves. Decide what path to follow and go all out in it. Dive deep. Get spiritual. The spiritual. Allow the universe to sing songs to your soul so that the core of your being can be at resonance with life. Trust me, this will not only help your partner but also you. It is a soothing feeling. 


The Patient Care we discussed earlier does not only apply to outsiders. Even your partner needs an amount of patience and encouragement. Once in a while, surprise them with breakfast in bed. Back their antiretrovirals into a special cosy package that can fit into their pocket, wallets, or purse. Pay attention to their mood swings and try to pray for them if you do believe in the power of prayer. Sometimes the Going gets tough. In these times, remind them you’re in it together and they’ll survive it. And at the end of the day, when you shower them with all this love and attention, do not forget to demand the same of them. 


Yes. You need to be extra careful. I know you know UNPROTECTED SEX with your HIV partner especially if they are a bit reckless with it doesn’t end there. You also need to take your PrEP seriously. 

PrEP,pre-exposure prophylaxis; is a medicine people at risk for HIV take to prevent HIV. If taken as prescribed, PrEP is highly effective for preventing HIV from sex and injection drug use. 

Therefore, take care too. Be accountable to yourself and your partner as your partner is accountable to themself and you. That way, everybody is happy. 


All over the world, sexually transmitted diseases are rampant. It shows not on the face. The person next to you can be a carrier and you will know nothing of it. Funny irony, even if they might not know about it. This is why it is not only wise but also safe to go check yourself. Get tested for HIV and other STDs today. The good news is, HIV testing is free across Nigeria! Isn’t that great? Let’s start from there. Know your HIV status today.