Consequences Of Sapa In A Relationship 

Love is sweet oo, when money enter love is sweeter 

We’re all familiar with Davido’s – Assurance lyrics. When your boo outshines ‘boos’, love definitely gets sweeter. You begin to glow differently and radiantly. You sleep more comfortably knowing there’ll be Pancakes, Veggies, and Greek yogurt for breakfast. But what happens when SAPA takes ‘boo’ on a chokehold? But what happens when things fall apart? Stay with us as we present to you the consequences of SAPA in a relationship. 



You thought we was feeling you. Yes na. When your mates are ordering chicken and chips for dinner, enjoy your Garrium with the Love of your life. But then, jokes apart. There are limits to this cassava flakes business. Not in your case anyways, ‘Babe’ can only afford Kuli Kuli and fried fish. 


No one is saying Church dates are not a thing. They are. But when your relationship is tilting towards the point when the only time you dress and go out together is to go to church. Hmm. And then after the fellowship you and your babe queue expectantly for the ‘Menu Menu’. Well, if that is not screaming SAPA, then what is? 


Excuse us a minute, someone cracked a joke about this in the boardroom, LOL, BIG LOL. So you actually got a real rose on Valentine’s for your babe and you think we are content with that? Ewo! So you actually went rose hunting in the forest. Damn, man! A man of valour and more. Bro, Tada, keep your scentless Rose. Got the fake cute perfumed one that comes with a set of Chocolate, Big red teddy bear and throw pillows that have our pictures on it. Yeah! Now we’re talking. Let’s guess, even that is difficult because you’re in a situationship with SAPA. Right?


Bro, if you like, from now till tomorrow type the longest epistle in the world. We care not. Where’s our Iphone Xmax? Our surprise Bone Straight? Yeah, right, we forgot you’re broke. SAPA has written a signed commitment with you and you’ve accepted. All you have to offer is an epistle. Well, we hope babe understands. What is our business sef? Mtcheew! 


Chill. We’re not calling your boo ugly. Calm down. We’re just saying by a popular observatory that with proper care for our skin and attention to our nutrition, our skin speaks for itself. It glows, It’s silky and fresh. Now, answer this,how do you get this kind of beautiful skin? Yes, with money that your boyfriend happens to lack. Now, his face is soggy and uneven. His skin is a mixture of Melanin and Kurupa. So no, he is not ugly. In fact, he is as fresh and handsome as our love, Timini. 

Can you endure OR Will you leave If SAPA is the third party to your relationship?? Let us know your reaction and action. Tell us, prove to us that beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. Share with your broke friends and tease them. 

Thank you, next?!

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