Lost in Love: A Tale of My First Date in the Wrong Places with the Wrong Guy

Shit!!!!, I exclaimed, the shoe wasn’t fitting well or rather it’s the dress sense I pictured in mind that turned out to be a disaster. Arggh!!!!, I was frustrated already.

Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Iremide, Ire for short, I’m 20 years old and I definitely don’t look my age. I know you can imagine my confused state right now, it’s not my fault. It’s my first date in a couple of hours and I still haven’t decided on what to wear! I’m panicking, just so you know.

After ransacking my wardrobe for a while, I settled for a patterned gown and chose a slipper heel to go with it. Still not satisfied with my dressing, I looked at the mirror in my room and wow, it turned out perfect I said to myself. I wanted to put on makeup but kicked against the idea. I wanted to go natural today, I don’t like makeup….hmm na lie o…, I just thought he might like the fact that I didn’t wear any makeup. As they say, first impression matters, lol.

He?, hmmm I know you want to know who that is. Well, his name is Raymond. I met him at a tech program around last month and it was love at first sight I’ll say. We clicked instantly and exchanged numbers. After texting a lot on WhatsApp, he asked me out on a date. I was excited, it was going to be my first date with someone I like so…Hola, here I am looking so tantalizing, hehe.

I boarded a taxi to the venue, Emi rich keed, as I didn’t want lagos balabala to stress me out for my baby. After arriving at the place, I saw Raymond across the street, I was happy to go see him till I noticed his outfit. Dude was putting on a casual top and faded jeans, I suddenly felt overdressed. Deciding maybe he didn’t want to do too much in my head, I didn’t take much meaning to it. He had a bag pack with him too, he might have gifts in it for me, so I thought.

He led me through some maze and we got to this bar. Don’t ask me how it looks like because it was a rough bar, I mean all kind of people were there. I was getting disappointed, I didn’t picture my first date venue to be like this for God sake. I had pictured a cool, serene place in mind….I know what you must be thinking but Abeg who no like better thing. I didn’t want to bother myself about the ideal place as long as Raymond was there, I felt good.

We ordered drinks, I didn’t feel like eating, I was too excited for that. Anyone could tell I was happy so I kept talking and discussing stuffs with him, later it was like I was doing the talking most of the time I literally ran out of words. I excused myself to use the restroom. Care to know what I was doing there, hm….I was actually googling some interesting topics I could talk about because Raymond seemed off. When I got back, I met him working on a laptop, getting closer it turned out it was his. Omo……I was like ahn ahn, am I that unimportant or boring?. I was just thinking about that sha then I decided to ask what he was doing and dude literally told me he had an important work to do and it could take some time.

No one needs to tell me what’s going on, he’s trying to get rid of me. I had to ask what I did and he said I talk too much and I was overdressed for the date. That’s not even a

tangible reason if you ask me. He said he felt inferior and i wasn’t his type to begin with. Heiiii…..I felt ashamed and angry at the same time. I couldn’t wait there any longer, I took my bag to go and Raymond told me to pay for my drink on the way out. Wow, a guy I was crushing on crushed me. A whole idan like me. I paid and left, mumbling incoherent words. I was insulting this guy. It was quite tricky to locate the main road and I was almost tempted to go back to ask for directions from him but I didn’t . I mean who will?. I was able to locate the main road and I took a cab back home.

Getting home, I collapsed on my bed feeling disappointed on how my first date went. I couldn’t say if I was expecting too much or not. I had to even think about where everything went wrong but I guess I was just at the wrong place with the wrong guy.

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