Queens ! Here Is Why You Are Always Broke Every Time

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You are working like an Elephant yet you live like a church rat. There are days that you can barely go by without soaking Garri twice. Ahh! You don’t want to be honest with yourself but we will be honest with you — Awon Challenges Kan face yin. Period! Anyways, here’s the good news, it doesn’t always have to be like that. There are things and tips you could try out to save yourself from seasonal brokeness that we will talk about in our
next post. In this post, we want to focus on the problems. If you can’t look at yourself in the
mirror and be real with yourself, we are here to do that for you. Here are REASONS you are broke ALL THE TIME:


We understand that you cannot see those acrylic earrings and carry your eyes, especially when you have the money. Taarr!!!. That’s where it begins. You refuse to allow yourself to think twice before buying. You just go ahead because you have the money at that point and it seems cheap, like awoof. And you expect to have more and more as you spend more. Lmao.


When your gas cooker is just for show. LOL. When you can’t even remember the last time you cooked anything other than noodles on it. LOL. When you buy food at least twice in one day. Nigga, for real?! You have no one to
blame but yourself. Small small like that 60k done reach 25k. Before you know it, you don go back to your catchphrase ‘God abeg’



There is little a student needs. You see this campus ehn, is not a competition. When you must buy the latest kicks or Apple watch series you saw on your class rep. When you must always be the one with the latest iPhone. Or the latest bicker jeans. Sad for you, bruv. No come here dey moan when your money don remain wazo o.


Yesss! You!! You know yourself. You are very much guilty of this. Every midnight you go don do night sub just so you could watch @softmadeit smile his fine smile. Ehn ehn! And my guy, hiding under the umbrella of UI/UX
design, like play like play you dey use over 100 GB per month. And you think we won’t escort you to MFM for deliverance?


So you really think you’d buy Postinor 10 times in one month and not be broke. You dey joke?! You will be broke. There’s no escaping it. Since your man likes it raw, you too get ready to be broke with him. Una welldone.

Want to add more to this list??! Let us know your thoughts down below. In the meantime, identify these problems and stay tuned to our next post for how to tackle them even before
they arise. Stay woke, fam.


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