Dating a Gamer is Risky!! Here’s Why

I know it’s cute and all to see this now the guys with their large headphones and little microphones and eyeglasses. It is even cuter when they have dread on or long hair. Ayiii!!

What we love to see, yeah? Well, not to burst your bubbles, but have you heard of the saying ‘your eyes go soon clear’

Hehehe!! Your eyes go see mabo. You’ll cry blood. All of a sudden his cute eyes and dimples won’t be enough anymore. All of a sudden you feel like smacking his head from behind when he spends all cold nights in a gaming marathon.

Especially when you know you can’t complain because he looks so happy and we love that for him, don’t we? You wouldn’t want to be an enemy of joy, will you?

We don’t know about the enemy of progress part, but we do know the reasons why you

should protect Your heart from falling in love with a Gamer.

No worry, we go gist you.


So he promised to have less screen time? That he will be more emotionally available? Or that on Netflix and Chill night he will be happy watching your Bridgerton with you? You lie!

LOL. Dey Play.

These and more are why you should run when a guy introduces himself as a Gamer. Ahh!

THE BIGGEST RED FLAG yet. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

That being said, stay tuned for the advantages of dating a Gamer. E choke you? We get

coconut head. *winks*


We’re not saying he won’t listen to you. But, does he hear you?

Imagine you talking about something bothering you for 30 minutes straight and all he says at the end is ‘Babe I understand, everything will be fine’. And he goes back to his designing or coding. What will you do? How will you feel? Money can solve everything you know.


And Naruto is your Godfather.You think his sisters liking you is all you have to worry about? NO! Nothing like that. You have to laugh at the Anime memes he shares with you. Your Netflix and Chill is the last season of Demon Slayer. He teases you with the anime sign power language.

And you think you won’t scream until your lungs bleed? Because we both know that you DO

NOT CARE ONE BIT ABOUT SASUKE! We know you only like Bridgerton. We understand. But — does he?


It is when you begin to date yourself in a relationship you know what is going on. When all the Goofy selfies are only happening in the bedroom. When he never comes up with date ideas but you can’t blame him cuz he’s a nerd. What were you expecting, baby girl?


You get it? HaHa! You know when you’re so free to do whatever? Like in a situation where he supports you whatever you say you want as long as it doesn’t get him out of his rolling chair. You enjoy unlimited freedom and eventually loneliness.


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