5 Signs Your Heart’s Been Snatched!

According to the ‘Merriam-Webster Dictionary’, “to snatch” means to seize or take suddenly without permission, ceremony, or right. Yes, I know you’re probably saying you’re a hard girl, you’re a hard boy in your mind but hold still, and let’s confirm if it’s true or false together. Shall we:

1. Faster body, slow brain


This is simply when your body and actions move first before your reasoning. Do you tend to act irrationally as if you weren’t thinking in your right sense when it’s about him/her? Hold on let me show you more!

2. Always try to make them feel better and supported

 Do you find yourself sometimes going out of your way to just make him/her feelnot that much buh a teeny bit’ special, happy, better, or supportive? Hehehe, should I spell out the word for ya? Or not yet? Hold on!

3. Unintentionally imagine a future with them


Have you ever thought about what your life, kids, or whatsoever would look like with him/her in the future?No oh, it’s just an honest comparison with my Ex and I tend to wander in my thoughts sometimes, I know I don’t love him!” Ok, we don’t need to argue about this dear, let’s ride on!🌚

4. You’re addicted to them

This simply means “to be habitually used to them” – it could be having them around, talking to them, chatting with them, just about anything that always has to be with them. This isn’t about ‘I just find him/her fun and nice to have around or I just vibe with him the most among my other friends’, na lie (It’s a lie)!

At this stage, you need to start embracing reality my brother, my sister, don’t let the last one shock you though, hold on✌️

5. Life is boring without them

Forget the rest, but, if your life seems meaningless without him/her in it, however chaotic their presence may be, still your life no get joy without them, ‘Ogbeni’ (sir/ma), your heart has been carted away in a wheel! Do not fight it, embrace it, or just walk away in acknowledgment and stop the self-denial.

In conclusion, it is good to be an infallible ‘hard girl or hard boy, but sometimes, it’s also good to be vulnerable to the reality of feelings, emotions, and love that is crazy!


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