Top 15 Beautiful Nollywood Actresses (2023)

The actresses of Nigeria’s Nollywood film industry continue to captivate audiences throughout the world with their allure and beauty. We salute the skill and charm of the top 15 most attractive actresses of the year. These women, who range from seasoned veterans to up-and-coming stars, have not only graced our screens but also garnered the love of adoring fans all around the world. Their commitment to their work and attractiveness cemented their standing in Nollywood and our hearts. 


Join us as we examine the various influences and accomplishments of these shining stars, whose grace, poise, and charm redefine beauty and motivate countless people around the world. Please notice that the 15 most beautiful Nollywood actresses are not listed in any specific order in this post as we take you on an engaging journey through their mesmerizing universe.



Nancy Isime was born on December 17, 1991, in Edo State, Nigeria. She is an actress, model, and media personality from Nigeria. Nancy Isime, who won the Miss Valentine International competition in 2009, has posed for numerous well-known companies, including “House of Marie,” “Ade Bakere,” “Adebayo Jones,” “Zizi Cardow,” “Shakara Couture,” and “Konga Online.”. She leads Nip Studios as president and CEO and oversees the production of the Nigerian television program “The Nancy Isime Show.”


Hex, Tales of Eve, On the Real, A Trip to Jamaica, Hire a Man, Finding Chris, The Surrogate, Treachery, Kanyamata, Tempted, Guilty, Kambili, and Shanty Town are just a few of the movies in which Nancy has starred. In addition to talent and brains, Isime has a beautiful body. At 5 feet 11 inches tall, she is a very tall woman. She is regarded as one of Nollywood’s most beautiful female performers and has an hourglass figure.



One of the most well-known and stunning Nollywood actresses from Nigeria is Genevieve Nnaji, who epitomizes beauty both with and without cosmetic enhancements. The actress, who made her acting debut in the 1998 film Most Wanted, has been seducing audiences with the most seductive roles and her attractiveness. Genevieve is not just the most well-known female face in Nollywood, but maybe in all of Nigeria. 


The spectacular rise of Genevieve Nnaji to fame as an actress, producer, and director has always served as a lesson in how important it is to value one’s humble beginnings. From attending school in the crowded alleys of Yaba to becoming one of the few people whose first names are enough to recognize them. One thing only comes to mind when the name Genevieve is mentioned across Africa and beyond the delicious, dark-skinned actress from Nigeria. 


She has always stood out from other Nollywood actors thanks to her distinctive black skin. She also has a thin build and keeps her youthful radiance no matter how old she becomes. She was once awarded the title of Face of Lux because of her attractive face, which is enhanced by her full lips and alluring eyes.



One of the most stunning Nollywood actresses from Nigeria, Kate Henshaw Nuttal, is still young-looking at the age of fifty. She is a politician, TV personality, actress, and fitness advocate from Nigeria. She belongs to the select group of actresses who have had a lasting impact on Nollywood’s enduring reputation for artistic brilliance. 


She entered Nollywood in 1993 with the film When The Sun Sets, and since then, she has continued to produce some of her best work. The ebony queen hasn’t given up on impressing her admirers and those around her with her flawless dark skin tone. Her fascinating facial attractiveness is made up of her distinctive face shape, tiny lips, stunning eyes, and sharp nose. She also has the best physical characteristics due to her height and slim build, which make her a complete package.



With the release of the Nollywood movie “3Some” in 2010, Onyii Alex made her acting debut and was nominated for an Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for Most Promising Actress. Since then, Onyii Alex has been in more than 80 Nollywood movies, including a few others such as Sweetest Fruit, Beautiful Evil, Face of Evil, Dirty Dancers, My Dying Day, and Over The Moon.


She is one of the most attractive Nollywood actresses from Nigeria who can fit into any role and who has a knack for winning over audiences with her alluring beauty. When she laughs or smiles, her heart-shaped lips and gaping teeth steal people’s hearts. She doesn’t hesitate to cause mouths to drop thanks to her stunning beauty and brilliant eyes. With a beautiful height that perfectly complements her figure, the actress has a curvaceous shape that cannot be hidden. Her beauty is undeniable as a result of all these features.



Rita Dominic, one of Nigeria’s most attractive and elegant actors, made her acting debut in the 1998 film A Time To Kill. With her ageless body, the beauty goddess has defied all odds in terms of age and preserved her beauty. She is a seasoned actor from Nigeria who has been active in the entertainment industry for many years. 


With a large portfolio of projects she has worked on in the industry and talent and artistry that know no bounds, the veteran actor is also one of the wealthiest women in the Nollywood industry. She has a beautiful face thanks to her full cheeks, heart-shaped lips, bold eyes, and round face. Her gorgeous face, charming grin, and gapped teeth make her a great beauty symbol. Her curvaceous shape and pale complexion also enhanced her other characteristics.



Tonto Dikeh, one of the most attractive Nollywood actresses from Nigeria, first gained attention in 2006 when she finished first runner-up on the reality TV competition The Next Movie Star. She is best known for playing a bad girl, and the controversy surrounding her performance in the 2010 film Dirty Secret cannot be denied. In addition to being a singer, songwriter, and actress, Tonto Dikeh is also quite charitable. She is one of the Nollywood actors who is “most talked about.” Tonto is courageous, abhors insults and humiliation, and will do whatever it takes to protect herself. 


She goes by the names “Mama King”, and “Tontolet,” Tonto Dikeh has a large following on social media because she is gorgeous and knows how to dress. Her adorable face shape, full lips, captivating eyes, and perfect nose aligned straight to her middle forehead give her the gorgeous facial looks that she never hesitates to flaunt. Tonto stands out as the epitome of beauty due to her beautiful shape and plump physique.



One of the pioneers in Nigeria’s film industry is Mercy Johnson Okojie, better known by her stage name Mercy Johnson. She is a producer, businesswoman, and actress from Nigeria. Her professional acting career started shortly after she graduated from high school in 2002. She was born in Kogi State, Nigeria, to Nigerian parents. Many people questioned how she managed to do so without a college degree, as she had amassed an amazing career as an actor in the meantime and received accolades in the industry.


She entered the Nigerian film business in 2003 and has since attracted attention with her voluptuous figure and outstanding Nollywood roles. This dark-skinned, curvy beauty is renowned for her ability to excel in every task that is assigned to her. She has lovely eyes and thick lips, which enhance the elegance of her face. She is one of Nollywood’s ebony queens and beauties because of her height, ebony skin, and fat frame, which complement her endowed shape well.



One of the Nollywood goddesses who gained attention with the release of the film Knocking On Heaven’s Door is Adesua Etomi Wellington. She also won the Best Actress in a Drama category at the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for her work in the 2015 romantic drama film Falling. She is best known for her ability to interpret any part given to her flawlessly. 


Adesua’s stunning face and physique traits have the power to make people gasp both on and off-screen. Her lovely eyes, sharp nose, and lips complemented her oblong face like a flawless work of art. Anyone might mistake her for a model who has won awards due to her height and flawless physique. Adesua stands out as one of the most attractive Nigerian Nollywood actresses thanks to her light skin, which complements all of her body features.




One of the most attractive Nollywood actors from Nigeria is Ini Edo, who has yet to show signs of aging. Fans of Nigerian films and television shows have surely encountered Ini Edo, one of the most active Nollywood actresses today since she made her debut in the film industry in 2003 with the release of Thick Madam. Throughout her immensely illustrious career, Ini has been recognized for the countless personas she has brought to life on television. She is renowned, especially for her portrayals of romantic thriller characters. 


With her wonderful appearance, the attractive actress was able to win over many followers. Jaws drop at her endearing eyes, sweet smile, thin lips, nose, and face structure. She has been able to look younger than her actual age because of her ideal body size and attractive figure. She has become the epitome of beauty in Nollywood thanks to her flawless black complexion, which enhances every element of her body.



Regina Daniels, who began acting at a young age, gained notoriety with the film Miracle Age and keeps viewers glued to their televisions with her flawless portrayal of parts and attractiveness to this day. Regina Daniels is a well-known Nigerian actress who has appeared in the films Brave Mind (2012), Hand of Fate 2 (2012), and Broken Chakkels (2017). One of the biggest icons in the Nigerian entertainment sector, the actress is only in her early twenties. 


The actress has a perfect height that complements her average shape. She is stunning due to the form of her face, her bold eyes, her sharp nose, and her full lips. Additionally, she has a lovely smile that complements her facial characteristics. She has a way of drawing attention to her sparkling beauty with her light skin.



One of the most attractive Nollywood actresses from Nigeria, Osas Ighadaro, first made a name for herself as a model. In the TV series Tinsel, she played her debut on-screen role in Nollywood in 2012. Osas has worked on a variety of projects, but she is best known for her roles in the movies Rattlesnake, Smart Money Woman, Fela and the Kalakuta Queens, Cadillac Records, and Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns.” Osas won the title of “Best Actress in a Drama” at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards in 2022 and 2023, respectively. 


She received the HER Network Awards ‘Woman of the Year in Entertainment’ honor in 2021. Osas was additionally recognized as Nollywood’s “Highest Grossing Box Office Actress” in 2018, “Best TV Actress” at the 2014 Exquisite Lady of the Year Awards, and “Among the Top 3 Highest Grossing Actresses” in 2020, according to the awards. Osas was the first Nigerian American to win the title of Miss Black USA in 2010.


The ebony queen has always maintained a beautiful appearance because of her flawless dark skin tone, which has helped her win numerous accolades like the 2010 Miss Black USA and Miss Black Connecticut USA Pageants. Her appealing facial attractiveness is characterized by her distinctive face shape, tiny lips, stunning eyes, and sharp nose. She has the best physical characteristics that make her a whole person, thanks to her slim-fit nature, curved shape, and height.



Adunni Ade is a gorgeous biracial actress from Nigeria who made her Nollywood debut in the film IWo Tabi Emi (You or 1). This goddess of beauty is also a writer, producer, and model. Adunni is an extremely talented and creative person. She has developed a resume as an actor and attracted the interest of numerous filmmakers. For her work promoting Nigerian culture, she received a Stella Award from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism. 


She has been able to dazzle with her youthful body while maintaining her beauty. She has a lovely face thanks to her lovely lips, endearing eyes, and ideal facial shape. Her endearing grin and lovely face are complemented by her prominent cheekbones. She has become a pure beauty icon because of her thin, toned form and fair skin.



Chioma Akpotha is a stunning actress who began performing in 2000 and has appeared in many motion pictures. She is a 43-year-old Nigerian entertainer, actress, model, business tycoon, and philanthropist better known by her stage name, Chioma Chukwuka. Chioma has won awards and made appearances in movies like The Apple, Omo Ghetto: The Saga, and Wives on Strike 1 throughout her two-decade career.


 The epitome of beauty has not stopped people from gushing over her beauty with her heart-shaped lips, adorable eyes, and pointed nose that is perfectly aligned to her forehead, giving her the most alluring facial features. Her smiles appear to be a flawless work of art due to the characteristics of her face. Her figure and permanently dark skin tone have further enhanced her appeal.



Since beginning to land significant movie roles in Nollywood, Destiny Etiko has not ceased to turn heads with her curvaceous form and outstanding roles. She became well-known after starring in the critically acclaimed Nigerian movie Idemili. A 2014 Nollywood film called Idemili explores the mysticism and beliefs of the Igbo people. 


This dark-skinned, slender beacon of beauty was recognized as the Most Promising Actress of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards (English) in 2016. She has lovely thin lips and dim eyes, which enhance the elegance of her cuppy face. She is one of the most stunning Nigerian Nollywood actresses and an ebony queen because of her height, black skin, and fat physique, which complement her endowed shape well.



Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is another stunning actress in the Nollywood industry. When the film Mortal Inheritance came out, she had already made her acting debut in the film Venom of Justice. Since 1995, when she first began acting, the screen goddess has been captivating audiences. Nigerian actress and singer Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is a multiple award-winning artist. In the Nigerian film business, she has appeared in more than 200 films. 


In 2013, she was listed among the top 100 global influencers by Time magazine. She received recognition from the Nigerian government in 2014 when she was named a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR) for her acting skills and contributions to the Nigerian film industry. Omo sexy, as she is affectionately known, earned the moniker due to her endowed nature. Surprisingly, the attractive woman is a mother of four, even though, thanks to her youthful glow, she doesn’t look a day older than 25. Everyone she encounters is captivated by her due to her attractive face, eyes, and lips. Her height, curves, and flawless smile are among the other characteristics that contribute to her beauty.


These Top 15 Actresses have mesmerized us in the glittering world of Nollywood with their outstanding performances, charisma, and beauty. Each actress has carved out a distinctive route for herself, enthralling audiences with her talent and making an everlasting impression on the Nigerian film industry.


The list doesn’t stop there, though; there are still a ton of fantastic actresses to be found in Nollywood, which continues to be a talent hotspot. Therefore, dear reader, we cordially encourage you to leave your ideas in the comments section below and to add your personal preferences to this dynamic list of outstanding Nollywood actresses.


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