Broke Girl Guide To Having A Fun Birthday

There are different levels to this brokenness of a thing. Some are broke and some are broke broke (I know you understand what I mean). However, this guide is not limited to a particular level of brokenness.

Although, girls love to have luxurious birthdays accompanied by birthday shoots, surprises(paranran and the rest), outings(the we outside spirit), and many more.

Well, this piece is to give different guidelines on how you can enjoy your birthday as A BROKE GIRL.
The goal is to be broke and happy.

Now let’s go!


This particular guide is the most popular and most affordable amongst the real “broke girls” and it has been proven to be effective over time.
You can do so many things at home, alone or with company, and still have fun. You don’t even need decorations to accomplish this).

Alone, things you can consider doing are:

  • Cooking a delicious meal based on available ingredients and items.
  • Watch an interesting movie/movies.
  • Respond to your birthday wishes(this would make you feel busy).
  • Do a video call with friends and lovers (if you have one).
  • Create a playlist and dance out your brokenness, etc.

With a company, you can decide to do something fun together such as:


You don’t have to spend much while going for a picnic. The picnic should be with your closest company to ensure more comfort.
A sweet and fun-filled picnic should be planned ahead of the birthday. You just need to distribute to people that would be present what they should bring along with them.

There are amazing places you can have a picnic. You could try public/government-owned parks, government institutions, a nice & well-ventilated compound, and other neat open spaces.

During the short while, you and your company can also engage in a lot of activities like singing, playing games, dancing, making a craft, etc.

Personally, this is the most interesting and fun of all guides because you get to do a lot of things that you really want to do in a conducive outer space.


For this particular one, you might not need to spend it at all.

I understand that there aren’t a lot of amazing views in the community we find ourselves but there are still some places that stand out.

For instance, on my 18th birthday, I toured my school (Unilag). On my 19th birthday, I toured my estate (Sounds like I have been a broke Girl for so long).

On those two occasions, I enjoyed the view, noticed the least things I ever watched out for, appreciated the beautiful clouds, listened to the rustling of the trees, and lots more. I basically enjoyed nature. This is quite boring for some people and quite fun for some of us.
Although this particular instance might not work out for you, but there are a lot of things out there you would love to see and only you know what you really want to see.

Remember, you are not going to a particular place but you are just touring different places. It is usually best if you go with someone to make it more worthwhile.

Another instance is on my friend’s birthday. We went to Dominos and acted like we wanted to get pizza. We went upstairs to Coldstone, acted again, and went back downstairs and did the same, taking pictures and we had one of the best times. It’s not embarrassing, it’s interesting!

Other places you can tour are:

  • Museum
  • Zoo

While touring around, it is important to explore your photographic skills. This is one of the best ways to create memories.
You should also note that you don’t need to pay for adventures to such places.

You are broke doesn’t mean you reek of poverty. On your birthday, you are expected to dress nice or dress to kill, wear your best shoes, put on nice makeup, and wear the best fragrance.

You rock girl!

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