I lied but I’m glad I Did (A little chat)

I know I’m not the only one on this table. This is for you if you know you’ve ever told a lie before, and I believe that means everybody. I want to tell you the story of a very not-so-good lie that I told recently. I said “not-so-good” because it really shouldn’t be termed a lie but I choose to call it one.

Before I continue my story, I’d like to define a lie in its simplest form. According to the dictionary, a lie is any statement that deviates from or perverts the truth.

Now back to my story…

My friend called me last week just to “check up on me” and I said I was fine. I know that sounds like the perfect response to that question any day but really, was I fine? No. Did I want to speak about it? No. Would that change anything at all? Well, Maybe. Maybe not.

Sometimes, I think it’s just best we acknowledge our feelings and ask ourselves if we really want to discuss them with others. You know, a problem shared is half-solved they say, but is it always that way? Life isn’t in black and white and its spectrum isn’t always monochrome either.

You could share your problems and get the assistance you need. You could share and get misunderstood too. You could call some people friends this day and discover that they’re your foes the next day. You could be exaggerating a small matter. You could be undermining a big one or addressing another from its possible root cause. You could be doing anything right or wrong or impatiently or sluggishly or anything! The list continues…

Before you air whatever might be troubling you, take out time to digest whether it’s worth much energy you’re giving it and evaluate your actions. If you study well, you may discover that you do not need to discuss it eventually.

However, don’t neglect your emotions because you think you can handle it if you don’t get relief in some hours. If you believe that your friends can’t assist or relate, you could reach out to a specialist any day.

As for me that day, I later sat down to retrace my thoughts back to where It all began. When I realized it wasn’t as serious as I was taking it to be, I was grateful for telling the lie.


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