Chidi Dike: The Rising Star of Nollywood – Biography, Relationship Status, and More

Who is Chidi Dike? Is he married? How many years old is Chidi Dike? How is Chidi dike related to Ruth Kadri?’ What was Chiki Dike’s first movie? Who Is Chiki Dike in love with ?; Chidi Dike’s net worth? Who is Chidi Dike’s girlfriend? All the other questions you may have about this neighborhood rising star are answered in this post, Let’s go.

Who is Chidi Dike?

Chidi Dike, also known as Miracle Chidi Dike, is a versatile Nigerian actor renowned for his exceptional artistic abilities. Chidi Dike gained widespread recognition recently through his outstanding performance in a popular movie by Ruth Kadri that captured the public’s attention. His remarkable talent for seamlessly adapting to various roles and delivering compelling performances has earned him numerous fans and lovers, especially females.

What is Chidi Dike’s full name?

Chidi Dike’s full name is Miracle Chidi Dike

Nationality: Nigerian

Religion: Christian

Is Chidi Dike married?

No, Chidi Dike is not married, but we are looking carefully into details to know if he has a girlfriend or not.

What is Chidi Dike’s Occupation?

He is an Actor and a Model

Where was Chidi Dike born?

Chidi Dike was born on June 29 in Nigeria’s eastern region. 

How old is Chidi Dike? 

Chidi Dike was born on June 29, 1990, which makes him 33 years old. His Zodiac sign is Cancer.

Who is Chidi Dike in a relationship with?

He is rumored to be in a relationship with STEPHANIA BASSY, a fellow actress, They were together in a movie, however, it’s all rumors and there is no certain fact about it yet.

How is Chidi Dike related to Ruth Kadiri?

Chidi Dike is in no special relationship with Ruth Kadri, as the woman in question is not old enough to be his mother and she is happily married. We can therefore say Ruth Kadri is like a Godmother or boss to Chidi Dike. 

Chidi Dike’s Early Life

He completed his early education while growing up with his parents in Nigeria. Unfortunately, there is limited available information about Chidi Dike’s early life and education on the internet.

What about Chidi Dike’s Career Breakthrough?

Chidi Dike’s breakthrough came after his role in a popular TV movie called The Better Half, where acted as a lover student boy, who was in love with his teacher, Uche Montana, The movie was the one that captivated the public’s attention, amassing more than 6 million views on youtube within five months. 

How did Chidi Dike gain his fame?

He gained fame for his roles in Ruth Kadiri’s movies such as ‘Better Half,’ ‘I Will Wait For You,’ ’10 Reasons Why,’ and more. Chidi Dike is among the fresh and attractive faces poised to make a significant impact on the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood. He has become a heartthrob, capturing the attention of many admirers.

Chidi Dike’s first movie?

Chidi Dike made his acting debut in the film “The Last Dance” in 2013. 

Ruth Kadri’s movies featuring Chidi Dike?

  1. Better half
  2. 10 reasons why
  3. Within me 
  4. Wait for you
  5. Happiness for two
  6. Forever
  7. Missing rib
  8. A touch of you
  9. Not good enough
  10. Close to my heart

And so on.

Let us know which of the movies you have seen, and if you have any more questions about Chidi Dike, let us know in the comment section. 


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