“As we all know, men are scum!” – 2 Pretty Ladies shared Their Worst Experiences with Men

As we all know, men are scum. I’m not saying we can’t find a few matured, good eggs amongst them o, all I’m saying is that I haven’t found one.” That was what Yinka, our first interviewee started her rant with when we asked about her worst experience with a man.

YINKA, 26:

It was my sister’s wedding o. I was the Chief Bridesmaid and he was one of the groomsmen. I noticed that he was cutting me eye but as a baddie, I acted oblivious to his tactics. Baba walked up to me after the reception came to an end and asked for my number, stylishly. I gave him a straight face even though my insides were flipping. We kicked it off after that night. We started chatting, flirting, and exchanging a couple of sizzling pictures. Then, he invited me to his house on this fateful day. I dressed cutely and made sure I dira, of course. I packed a few condoms in case things get heated. I got to the house, we talked for some time and he asked if I won’t cook. “Cook?”, I asked surprisingly. “Yes na. Abi, you don’t know how to cook?”, He asked playfully with a smile. That got to me. Emi odindi wife material 1,000 yards. I jumped into the kitchen to make egusi soup and I even turned semo. This man devoured the food without saying “thank you” sef. I was already getting angry small small. Then, I thought about it that he didn’t even compliment my outfit when I came in. Omo, my antenna was scattering at this point, because what kind of a man does that? I should have known something was wrong with him when he told me his name was Femi. Mi o funra. I wasn’t suspicious. After a while, his friends came around. He invited three of his friends to the house while I was there. Just imagine! They started playing video games and one of them was shooting his shot at me. This Femi boy was even convincing me to “gree for his friend na”. I could not take it anymore, so I carried my bag and bid them farewell because I was getting scared gan, they should not goan rape me. I couldn’t tell my sister about the incident because I couldn’t skip the part where I turned semo for him and I dare not tell her that.


This guy sent me a DM when I resumed school in my freshman year. Claimed he got my number from the general departmental group on WhatsApp. He was in 300 level. We chatted for a few weeks but never ran into each other at the department. He said he wanted to see me, so we picked a convenient day and venue. We met in a restaurant on campus. I got to the restaurant 20 minutes late, intentionally. (Laughs)I wanted him to wait na, don’t blame me. The first thing I noticed was his dentition. Clean, well-proportioned, and nicely set teeth. Omo! I was impressed not gon lie. I sat at the table and that was when it hit me. Initially, I thought the restaurant was disposing of spoilt food. This rotten smell hit me again and I calcu that it was any time this nice-teethed brother opened his mouth that this smell oozed out. It was bad! I couldn’t eat anything but I was sha drinking water. After 30 minutes of unbearable smell, I lied that I had practicals and left in a rush. A few days later, he asked to see me again. I felt the stinking mouth was like a one-time thing, so I met with him again. Ha! I regretted it. He now tried to kiss me this time around. My knees turned to akamu. Not the kind of knee-weakening that is accompanied by butterflies in your tummy o. Th kind you feel when an armed robber points a pistol to your head because I felt like I would die if his lips should touch mine. I dodged the kiss. Consequently, I kept dodging him in school anytime our paths were about to cross. Are these not the definitions of God abeg? We will bring you more stories on ladies’ worst experiences with men in our next post. Before then, drop your worst experience with a man (or woman) in the comment section. Gracias and Adiós!

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