#Wenogocarrylast: OAU Increased Fee Amidst Subsidy Looms Dropout!


The Obafemi Awolowo University in the noon hours of Tuesday 12 September 2023 has proposed a new school levy for the 2022/2023 academic session. This is coming barely weeks after a sporadic increment of school fees by numerous federal universities in Nigeria like Unilag, and Unijos to mention a few.



Some of these institutions have justified the increment with cogent reasons for example, the esteemed UNILAG VC has said they spend quite a lot on exams in fact, He said they spend as much as N160M to print so many exams for the students, and the government’s allotment cannot suffice for that.

Some students will not allow some old rulers to play ‘hide and seek’ with their future and thereby, take the laws into their own hands; an example is the desperate students of Unijos who are currently out protesting the hike in their school fees.


While all these were happening, some parents who are already struggling to meet up with the old charges have gone to media outlets to wail and reject the order knowing that this may result in the dropping out of their dear kids; information reaching us was even that some of them fainted in the process.😑

However, OAU in their earnest and competitive spirit that must not take the last position, has arbitrarily joined the train with its new proposed fee with a ‘see me see trouble’ list!

While the arts, law, and humanities received the mild part of the punch at N151,200 for Fresher and N89,200 for Stallite, the Science and Technology faculties received what we can call the ‘konk’ of the punch at N163,200 for Fresher and N101,200 for Stallite, but, all eyes are on the Pharmacy and Health Sciences faculties that were lashed with the high end of the punch at N190,200 for Fresher and N128,200 for Stallite.

Will the students also go on the streets like the desperate UNILAG or UNIJOS students, or will parents go wail on the media while the school justifies the increment with ‘exam printing’ fees? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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