Diary of an Ambivert Girl (Episode 1)

Hello my name is Irene, my friends call me portable;welcome to the trybe adventure on this
series called diary of the ambivert girl , lemme introduce you to the antagonists of this series
called LIFE , life has been unfair , the hurdles of life is frustration at it’s peak, but with hope
that one day LIFE will smile at me and treat me nicely. You will get to meet my other enemies DISAPPOINTMENT and others as the story flows.Well I ,Irene is the amiable and emotional protagonist of this story, strong career driven woman ,who is dedicated to achieve her goals despite being under the safety
net of her parents.  This story revolves around Irene struggles with family , friends and she’s a perfectionist,
she tries not to identify as a feminist but loves the good feminist idea.Click here to read previous Episodes 

Episode 1 – “Meet Irene”


Dear diary, mo gbe tun tun de o,

A bright day like it seems,a little sun and cloud threatening to shower us with rain. Yet here I am fixed in a spot not knowing entirely if I am wrong to start going out on dates or just relax in the comfort of my home with some beautiful music from my Sony headphone. Non regardless of the situation, she is not all expectant, Infact contrary to being curious, I am getting all the whole negativity and feelings things might go wrong, from being all sweet to wanting to be distant; learnt the hard way though not to be expectant or have high hopes concerning anything that’s not productive, even before I met him I already tagged him as red flag for my mind, but I need to be positive especially at these crazy Nigerian times.

Here I am again staring at my plate of chicken and chips with my half filled cup of flying fish drink, and barely have any words to say other than smiling and responding with thank you each time I’m complimented , I know that’s awkward right. It’s annoying it has to go this way on my birthday, this birthday date is the most awkward and surprisingly it’s the first, I hope it last for awhile.

In my head, I was having vivid imagination of rejection, that will be tough to deal with. Imagine having feelings for someone you have not met, it’s crazy right, e con be like say person dey love starved.

Well , pardon my manners, my name is Irene , you can call me the peace of your mind, Peace for short and I meet this dude a week and some days ago , we exchanged contact on one these social media apps. Online dating seems to be the new thing especially for people like me that rarely go out , I like being curious about people, I just want to unravel the mystery behind this cute girl, but that’s another gist for later, dear diary let’s do this again next time.


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