Comprehensive Guide on How to be a Gen Z baddie.

The news is out, and you’ve heard it, Ilebaye won BBN all stars. She’s definitely a legend in her own right and was well known by the nickname “Gen Z baddie” when she was in the BBN house. Now, everyone is trying to emulate her, everyone wants to know what it means to be a baddie because honestly, it sounds pretty cool. So, if you’re old like me *hides face* or if you just want to know more about what you’ve already heard then this is the article for you.


First things first…


1. You have to be miss independent.



For all the RnB fans out there, you’ll remember the Neyo song, “miss independent” If you haven’t heard it, you better go listen to it because it’s like a handbook to the course that is “Gen Z baddie training” You do things on your own. A Gen Z baddie isn’t waiting around for a man to save her, and she definitely isn’t going to beg or plead for what she wants, she’s too big for that. If she wants something, she goes out to get it and if she needs something she finds her own way. She can stand on her own two feet because she’s strong.


2. You can’t get anywhere without confidence.



When a Gen Z baddie is asked a question, she doesn’t go “Excuse me… em- um, Omo…” She gives you an answer straight up because she really doesn’t have your time. She doesn’t let anyone make her feel small because she knows who she is and everything she has survived. She knows how to speak up and she doesn’t let anyone live her life for her. If you want to be a Gen Z baddie you need to work on your confidence level, you can’t have them thinking you’re a fake or a “wannabe baddie.”


3. Fashion must be your passion.



You can’t be a Gen Z baddie and not have fashion sense, ko possible. You cannot afford to be caught in 4k. Even if you don’t have all the funds to buy trendy clothes and outfits, at least know about them and save up so that you can upgrade your wardrobe eventually. As a Gen Z baddie, you need to look on point everywhere you go (peep the MTN reference) Learn how to dress properly and how to apply makeup that is fascinating but not over the top. You can do it, you’re a baddie after all.


4. Party, Party, party.





As a Gen Z baddie, you’re definitely going to be outsideeeee, a lot more often than you think. Gen Z baddies are usually popular and end up being the life of every party they go to. They also know the ones to go to and the ones that are too lame or just detrimental to their brand. They know how to conduct themselves and they are on fleek whenever they show up. And don’t forget to have a good time while you’re there, that’s the whole point after all.


5. Take care of your body.



A gen Z baddie has a banging body. She’s fit, she knows how to take care of herself and she’s definitely healthy. Self-care is a big part of being a baddie, we can’t have you burnt out and out of shape now, can we? This isn’t to say that your body needs to look a certain way to be a baddie (after all, you’re a baddie, you’re not supposed to be perfect) but just make sure you exercise, do skin care and look your best on all occasions. If you need checkups go for them, eat healthy and rest. Then you’ll be glowing the way a Gen Z baddie should be.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I know y’all are baddies in your own right and probably have lots of slaying to do but I hope you at least learnt something from this article. If you loved this (I know you did *wink, wink) then feel free to explore Trybe City for more exciting content. Thanks again and slayyyy girl!

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