#TrybeDailies – Summarizing the Key Events from October 2, 2023.

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Good morning Citizens! A ti gbe de(we have brought it)! Trye dailies is here for you! Trust us to have the premium gist for you ! As we all know, Nigeria is filled with a rollercoaster of events—good and bad, sweet and sour, straight and bent. 😁 Anyway, some gbas gbos have been happening between FG and NLC and Peter Obi’s blood sef is boiling. Let’s have a recap on all the major events that happened on Monday 2nd of October, 2023. 

Major Highlight in Naija 🇳🇬

1) #WeNoGoGree: NANS in full opposition to OAU fees hike 

The National Association of Nigerian Students backs the entirety of Great Ife students in their fight against fees hike. The association claimed the hike is unreasonable and unpalatable, especially with the staggering state of the economy.

Aluta blood running everywhere 💪 


2) NLC suspends strike 🙂


The tug-of-war between FG and NLC is becoming more like a video game. After a meeting with FG, NLC finally suspended the planned strike for 30 days.

3) Falsification of results, a dishonorable act —Peter Obi

Peter Obi is throwing shades to whoever the shoe fits o.😀 Speaking in an interview on Arise News, he said, “You do not need to have all the degrees in the world to be a great leader but you need to be honourable about your past so we can know where exactly you are”.

Gbas gbos round 1 😂

4) Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nassarawa has been sacked! 🙆

The tribunal declared PDP’s Emmanuel Ombugadu as the lawfully elected governor of Nassarawa State. They said that based on the proof from the various polling units before the tribunal, Mr Ombugadu had the highest number of valid votes. 🤐


5) UK court grants Diezani £70,000 bail in alleged £100,000 trial 

Diezani Alison-Madueke
Diezani Alison-Madueke

Former Nigeria Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke allegedly bit more than she could swallow. The EFCC had levelled a 13-count money laundering charge against her. This charge is different from the ones preferred against her by the UK court.

Apart from the £70,000 bail, the district judge imposed other terms on her. These terms are an electronic tag to be worn by her at all times and an 11pm to 6am curfew.

The EFCC confirmed that her extradition is in process.

People like moneyyyyy 💷

6) Nigér don finally accept Algeria’s help to resolve crisis 🙃

Five weeks after the president of Algeria proposed a mediation initiative, Nigér finally accepted. The proposal is to bring back the civilian government for a period of 6 months.

7) Peaceful protest on Tuesday by OAU students

OAU peaceful protest
OAU peaceful protest

On the matter of fee hike, the Students’ Union of OAU urged all students to converge at the campus gate for a peaceful protest.

May it go peacefully 🙏

8) PDP thinks the president’s independence speech is bereft of ideas


The spokesperson of PDP, Debo Ologunagba insists that Nigerians do not need to pass through hardship as excused by President Tinubu. According to him, the presidential speech should provide concrete solutions to the challenges of the nation.


9) OPay reacts to old video resurfacing


Over the weekend, an old video of OPay customers complaining of fraudulent activities on their accounts resurfaced online. A large number of people mistook it for a new video and withdrew their money from their OPay accounts. OPay reacted to the video and assured customers that the video is an old one and their money is safe. 

Money issues can cause heart attack 😂


10) Basket mouth apologies to AY

Basketmouth Apologies
Basketmouth Apologies

Apparently, drama is not exclusive to the movie industry alone. Comedy industry sef no carry last. Basket mouth apologises to AY for his actions or inactions. The rift between them is age-long and it is high time they doused the fire. 🔥 


11) Vaccinate your dogs and cats! 


In celebration of World Rabies day, Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Abubakar Kyari advised Nigerians to vaccinate their dogs and cats to curb the spread of rabies in the country.

Meow 🐱

12) Prof. Lumumba reveals what Africa is suffering from. Wanna know? 🌝 

Prof. Lumumba
Prof. Lumumba

According to the former director of Kenya’s anti-corruption commission, Africa is suffering from kakistocracy (a society governed by its least suitable citizens). 

Now, you know how those bad leaders got there and you learnt a new word. 😎

Thanks for reading! 🤩🤗