#TrybeDailies – Summarizing The Key Events From October 05

In a bit to keep you updated on  top trending news in the country, we’ve brought to your doorstep the latest news from  Thursday which goes from the slash in the price of BUA’s cement products, to the death of the young lad, Mohbad palava still dey there, wahala from Tinubu’s Certificate, lemao and many more. Just relax and sip a cup of coffee as we bring to you the Thursday recap. Enjoy!

1) Slash in the price of BUA Cement: It is so unfair

Remember that BUA Cement PLC on Sunday announced that reduction of the price of its cement product is now  N3,500. People are already maximizing this opportunity. Yet it’s a drastic shortage to the distributors who already have full stock at their disposal. Dis life no balance ohhh abi wetin we go con do this like?

2) FATALITY! Young footballers crushed to death!😓

It was a bad day as the devil drank water for these three persons riding on two commercial motorcycles who were crushed to death in an autocrash involving a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Lagos. This is a very painful one, as God dy watch us, make we too dy watch ourselves.

3) Mohbad: Court adjourned  case with Naira Marley, Sam Larry, and 2 others

Following the trending case concerning the death of Mohbad (Imole), Naira Marley and 3 others were  accused for alleged conspiracy in the murder of the singer. However, the Chief Magistrate, Mrs Adeola Olatunbosun has adjoined the case till October 25th as investigation is still going on. Kasala don burst so!


4) Morocco, Portugal and Spain to co-host 2030 FIFA World Cup

In preparation for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Council will unite three continents and six counties, inviting the entire world to join the celebration of the beautiful game. Eyin football lovers, are you ready?

5) Na ojoro, we need a rematch says Jurgen Klopp!

In a game that got the ‘Reds’ a lose following a controversial decision made by VAR, Jurgen Klopp, the current coach of the team has called for Liverpool’s rematch against the Totthenham Hotspur. Guys, what do you think?

6) President Tinubu confirmed to be certified from the University of Chicago, Gbam!🥲

It has been evidently confirmed that the current president of Nigeria, His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a graduate from the Chicago State University. Therefore, he has neither submitted a fake nor forged result. If this still looks fishy to you, you can disagree with your keypads. 🌚


7) IT’S TEACHER’S DAY: Shout-out to all Nigerian teachers out there!

Teachers are the best gift given to us and we’ve assigned a day just to celebrate their impacts in our lives. Abeg help me give my teachers dansaki as they’ve tried a lot for me and every one of us. Cheers!

8) Canada likely to deploy RCMP to assist Haiti military intervention as trainers.

The RCMP aim on technical training and Canada has deployed them to act as trainers in a multinational military intervention. Isn’t that interesting?

9) Fatality! About 50 civilians dead as Russian rocket hits Ukraine! 😓

The beef between Russian-Ukraine is yet to go down the drain as a Russian rocket struck a village café and store in eastern Ukraine killing about 51 civilians. This is very pathetic as it is getting more serious than we thought.

10) Google unveils Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, preorder starts today!

The technology industry is becoming better every day. Google has finally done it again with its new lineup smartphones, with a better performance, and trust me, they are  impressive.

That’s all for Thursday . Watch out for more from Trybe Dailies!

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