5 side hustles for people who don’t want to do “tech.”

Alright, everyone knows about the growing obsession that the world seems to have with tech. If people aren’t studying it as a course in the university, they’re doing it on the side. So now, I’m wondering, what if I’m not interested in it? What if I find coding boring and strenuous and I’ve tried and tried, and it just isn’t working out? If you fit this description, this is the post for you. Here are some other hustles that can rake in the cash if you pursue and plan them properly.


1) Books, books, and maybe stationery.



Y’all have heard of Raven heights and hazel books, right? Just imagine how much they’re probably making selling that many books at those prices. If you’re able to manage your business properly and get books to resell at an affordable price, I don’t see why no one will want to patronize you. You can sell highlighters and bookmarks on the side to rake in extra cash and do book reviews and reels so that people will know that you know what you’re selling. You could also resell textbooks if you can, to students who will need them or compile past questions and make a collection of your own, if that’s what you’re into. Just be creative.


2) Wigs and hair attachments.



Do you know how much people make from selling human hair? Like do you know. I know someone who got a bob wig for about 100 k not too long ago. As long as you know your hairs and buy them from reputable owners, there is no way you won’t cash out. The problem is just the capital, so if you want to do something like this, you have to start small. You could start off by selling hair attachments, accessories, hair dyes and other things before moving on to wigs.


3) Clothes, shoes and more.


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Clothing businesses are underrated to be very honest. If you have the right amount of money, they are easy to start and easy to maintain because who doesn’t want to buy clothes at affordable prices? You just need to make sure that you advertise and get your business out there, make sure you don’t sell things that you know you can never wear, even if they paid you. You can sell shoes and other accessories on the side to attract more customers as well.


4) Food, because everybody needs food.



Y’all selling food can be a very lucrative business, you just have to be strategic about it. And by “food” I actually mean anything that is edible. If you notice that your course mates always need something to keep their energy up after or before classes, you could start selling snacks. I know someone in my hostel who started selling food on Sundays because most of the canteens don’t open on that day, and she has a lot of customers. Just think and be creative, “what are the foods that are scarce around here and how can I profit off of that?”

Just make sure that the food is clean. Because Omo, if NAFDAC or any other public officer comes to carry you from your hostel, my hand no dey there oh. Use your brain and don’t use dirty water or cook in dirty places.


5) Teach.



You can make a business out of teaching people and helping your fellow course mates. If you notice that people are having trouble with a particular course, you can start an affordable tutorial and invite people to attend. You might want to start small first by teaching your friends for free, so that when you want to convert it to a business there’ll be somebody to say, “ah, this boy/girl can teach oh.” You could also make slides or summaries of course and sell them on the side. This isn’t just lucrative, but you gain knowledge from doing this as well.


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