Love is not enough; I almost lost him to infidelity.

Sometimes, they say love knows no boundaries. But is it sufficient to sustain a healthy relationship? Can it endure the tests and trials of time?

These were the questions I asked myself after making the biggest mistake possible…

Going down memory lane, I was in my early 20s when it all started; love happened to me in the beautiful city of Iperindo. It was all a blissful and transformative experience, I must say. A few years down the line, Noah, the love of my life, started giving vibes I didn’t catch.

Oh! A crucial point has been overlooked🤔. Who is Noah? Noah! Noah, the love that happened to me😍.

Suddenly, he became increasingly occupied, and I asked him “why”, but no satisfactory response was given. I tried all I could, but all to no avail. I wailed in the pain of love, with no one to cry to; they were all overwhelmed in theirships“. It was a debilitating experience. It was meant to be a relationship but turned out to be a situationship, a very blurry one, for that matter.

Subconsciously, I swayed away and landed myself in the hands of a young man – Dan. Dan was one of those that stayed relevant in Iperindo. A tall, dark, good-looking man endowed with all the qualities you’d ever imagine in a man. We became friends, and two months later, we became more than friends. Most times, I call him “Bòbó”(a pet name). He took away all the pain Noah gave me and replaced it with pleasure. Satisfying me with the attention I lacked.

Oblivious to the fact that I was in a relationship, I got intimate with Bòbó.

Hmm… catastrophe at its peak!!

I didn’t realize what I did wrong, until a Sunday morning in church when my pastor spoke about “infidelity”. I was utterly taken aback and didn’t know where to hide; the sermon hit right where it should, and I felt really bad for myself.

Not long after, Noah found out with the clues I left uncovered. At that point, I was battered and shattered. “No justification for your wrong deeds”, he said.

My world was falling right before my eyes, and I could not control it. For the last time, I gave it a try, but this time, it appeared as though there was a glimmer of hope ahead. I almost lost him, but we ultimately salvaged our relationship.

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