7 Reasons Why You Will Regret Sleeping With Your Lecturer For Good Grades

Do you know the pursuit of education is a noble endeavour that should be based on hard work, dedication, and integrity? 

Unfortunately, some students are tempted to take unethical shortcuts like engaging in inappropriate relationships with their lecturers in exchange for good grades. 

Keep reading this article for more light on the consequences of such actions and why you need to be discouraged.

1.  Loss of Dignity


You will lose your dignity and your body will start to feel like a transactional vessel. You will lose respect from your friends and classmates as they start calling you cheap. 

The lecturer will probably not give you the marks and solicit you for more sec instead. As long he knows that this is the leverage he has to get you to sleep with him or her, they will keep on using it until they can’t anymore. 

So, if you are dreaming of straight A’s thing again! For he will always put your results back in your pants. 

2. Academic Consequences


Although it may look like a quick fix to improve your grades, relying on an inappropriate relationship with your lecturer undermines the very purpose of education. 

Moreover, you are not gaining knowledge or skills genuinely, and your academic growth is stunted. In the long run, it will harm your career and personal development

3. Moral and Ethical Dilemmas 

You’ll find yourself facing moral and unethical dilemmas that can haunt you. You will question your actions and face guilt and shame for compromising your integrity.  

4. School Expulsion 

If you are caught fraternizing with university lecturers is considered a crime and you will get expelled from the campus. 

Moreover, expulsion from a university is bound to ruin your career aspirations considering how difficult it will be to even find another university to finish your studies.  It taints your name and gives you a bad record. 

5. Your Parent Will Be Disappointed 


Maybe it has been your parents who have been paying your school fees tirelessly and you get expelled for sleeping with your lecturer for grades, they will be highly disappointed. Even some disown their children. 

6. Other Lecturers Will Start To Hitting On You 

Birds of a feather flock together. The lecturer who sleeps with students for grades will probably tell other lecturers and share the details. 

Immediately, you get labelled as cheap and easy, and others are bound to start flocking around you with similar demands. 

7. Stunted Personal Growth 

Education is not just about grades, it is about personal growth and development. Involving in such relationships hinders your ability to learn and grow independently, depriving you of valuable skills and knowledge that come from overcoming challenges. 

Stay awoke! 


Overall, to engage in an inappropriate relationship with your lecturer for the sake of better grades is a choice you will likely come to regret. It will not only undermine the value of your education but also carry serious consequences for your personal and professional. 

However, instead of taking shortcuts, focus on genuine learning, behaviour and ethical behaviour. These are the foundations upon which you can build a successful and fulfilling academic and professional future.