Try These 5 Hacks To Be Independent

Lonely, Lonely, Lonely – Lonely at the top…

Abeg ooo, to be independent is not about being lonely at the top. I know you will love to be independent so keep reading this article as I give you the hacks you need. 

As we know our generation is known for tech-savviness and a progressive mindset. 

To become independent isn’t just about financial autonomy it must involve self-reliance, financial autonomy, decision making and personal growth. 

In this article, I will explore five hacks that will help you as a Gen Z individual to foster your independence in various aspects of life. 

1. Financial Independence 


One of your keys to independence is financial autonomy. To manage your money is an important skill that can set you up for a secure future. 

Start to prepare your budget that outlines your income and expenses. Understand the importance of saving and investing early on. Abeg don’t use all your money to gamble! 

When you are financially wise it will empower you to make the right choices and achieve financial independence

2. Develop Critical Thinking 


Egbon try dey think well ooo! You must be a critical thinker. This will help you to make informed decisions in all aspects of life when choosing a career path to understanding complex social issues. 

3. Build a Support Network 


Abeg you can’t be lonely at the top when it comes to independence. You need to build a strong support network of friends, mentors and family members who can be a valuable asset. 

Try to seek guidance and advice when needed, and remember that independence also means taking ownership of your choices. 

4. Master Time Management 

No be every time you go dey complain say you no get time. It is time to learn effective management which will help you to strive for independence. 

Moreover, you must balance school, work, social life and personal pursuits and tools like calendars and task management apps will assist you in being organized. 

5. Embrace Self-Care 

Your independence is not just an outward achievement but also about taking care of yourself. For you to develop a self-care routine that includes exercise, meditation or hobbies that bring you joy. 


Becoming independent is a journey and for Gen Z, it’s an exciting one that is filled with opportunities for growth and self-discovery. So embrace these hacks as you embark on your path to independence with confidence and determination.