5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Gave Birth to Twins

Celebrity births are definitely amazing and adorable, we all know we couldn’t take our eyes off of Rhianna’s first son. But omo, when they give birth to twins, that makes the event even more amazing and special. Writing about all these cute babies and their adorable parents were so interesting, really. So I hope you’ll trust me when I say this is an entertaining article you definitely won’t want to miss out on.


1.Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt.



I think these two should be more than familiar to y’all. I think the movie I remember Angelina for is Maleficent. With Brad Pitt, I think I’ll say one of the most memorable movies he played in is fight club. Angelina and Brad are both iconic in the movie industry and got married in 2014.  Brad had initially been married to Jennifer Aniston but while making arrangements for divorce he met Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr and Mrs. Smith. The two fell in love and claimed that no infidelity had taken place.

In 2008, after a few adoptions, the couple announced that they were expecting twins. She gave birth to her son Knox Léon and her daughter Vivienne Marcheline on July 12, 2008 in Nice, France. Pictures were taken of the twins—pictures that ended up being sold for 14 million dollars, making them the most expensive celebrity pictures taken. The proceeds were given to the Jolie-Pitt foundation.

Unfortunately, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie eventually got a divorce over “irreconcilable differences” They really fought for a long time for custody over their kids in court. Angelina eventually ended up having primary custody while Brad had to make do with” custodial time”


2. Beyoncé & Jay-Z.



Legendary singer-sensation Beyonce and her billionaire rapper husband Jay Z have been married for fifteen years. Their marriage in itself is not just iconic but also long lasting. Apparently, the two artists met on a flight to Cancun. Beyonce was around 18 years old at the time and the two didn’t start dating until a year later in 2001. 7 years later, they had a secret wedding on the 4th of April at their home in New York City.

The musical sensations had their first child, Blue Ivy on the 12th of January 2012. She is currently eleven years old, and we have seen her recently touring across the globe with her mother as a skilled back up dancer. Eventually, on the 13th of June 2017, the global celebrities, Jay Z and Beyonce had their twins, Rumi and Sir Carter. The mere announcement that the two icons were expecting twins was enough to set an Instagram record.


3. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony.



Jennifer Lopez is a well-known—internationally known actually, singer. My favourite song of hers is ain’t your mama and honestly, if you haven’t heard it yet I think you should go check it out because it’s a banger. Marc Anthony is an American singer and songwriter as well as a four-time grammy award winner.

Jennifer and Marc met for the first time in 1998 while Marc was performing with the capeman on Broadway. Both are said to have connected backstage before starting to date briefly but nothing came out of it the first time. Jennifer divorced her first husband in the same year that she met Marc. When she did date Marc, in her book, True Love, Jennifer writes that they were both convinced that they had met again for a reason.

The celebrities eventually got married in 2004 in Beverly hills home. It was a secret wedding. The twins were born four years after their marriage on the 22nd of February. The twins’ names are Emme and Marc and at the time People magazine paid $6 million for the first photos of the twins.

Jennifer and Marc eventually get divorced a few years later in 2014 but still remained close friends afterwards. Jennifer Lopez currently has physical custody of the twins.

4. Mariah Carey and Nick Canon.



*sighs* Do I really have to explain who these two are to you guys? Mariah Carey is a legit vocal queen who is famous for her song, All I want for Christmas is you, and her very amazing and extensive vocal register. Nick Cannon is an American actor and comedian. He is really popular for his shows, Nick Cannon Presents: Wild N’ Out and The Nick Cannon show.

Honestly, I think this is my favourite couple in this list because their relationship had a lot of drama. I don’t really know if y’all will believe where these two met but apparently, it was at the teens choice awards in 2005. Nick was the one who presented Mariah with a surfboard for Choice Music R and B artist. They eventually started dating in 2008 and they had a secret wedding in the same year in the Bahamas.

They eventually had the twins, Monroe and Moroccan (rock and roll) on the 30th of April in 2011. Mariah and Nick eventually got separated in 2014 and it was pretty obvious the reason why. You could tell even from the talk shows they went on together that there was a bit of friction between the couple. They eventually got divorced in 2016 and it’s pretty clear that Mariah got physical custody of the twins.


5. Celine Dion and René Angélil.



Celine Dion is known for her amazing voice, vocal agility and sustenance. Her iconic song, my heart will go on which was featured in titanic is hard to ignore. Her late husband, Rene Angeli was her manager and pretty good producer. He is her only husband and he passed not too long ago in 2016 on the 14th of January.

Well… Brace yourselves. Celine met René in 1980, when she was 12 and he was 38. He was a manger who had received a demo tape of her singing and invited her to audition for him. This guy legit mortgaged his house so that he could push her first album. They started dating in 1987 but kept their relationship a secret for years. In 1993 they announced their engagement in 1994, they had a wonderful wedding in Montreal.

In 2010, on the 23rd of October, Celine and Rene welcomed their twins, Nelson and Eddy. They were conceived using an embryo which had been frozen eight years earlier, while Celine had been trying to conceive her first child. The twins were delivered at St. Mary’s Medical Centre in West Palm Beach, Florida. Their parents remained happily married for years after until René’s throat cancer eventually took his life in 2016. He was 73 at the time.


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