“Love in Focus” – Diary of an Ambivert Girl (Ep 5)

Hello my name is Irene, my friends call me portable;welcome to the trybe adventure on this
series called diary of the ambivert girl , lemme introduce you to the antagonists of this series
called LIFE , life has been unfair , the hurdles of life is frustration at it’s peak, but with hope
that one day LIFE will smile at me and treat me nicely. You will get to meet my other enemies DISAPPOINTMENT and others as the story flows.Well I ,Irene is the amiable and emotional protagonist of this story, strong career driven woman ,who is dedicated to achieve her goals despite being under the safety
net of her parents.  This story revolves around Irene struggles with family , friends and she’s a perfectionist,
she tries not to identify as a feminist but loves the good feminist idea.Click here to read previous Episodes 

Episode 5 – “Love in Focus”

Hello tueh tueh, what my eyes have seen,my mouth cannot wait to tell!

Dear diary, we have gone through another week again in good health with God’s grace, another week to be grateful for; back to the matter of this week.
We all know how story telling is and how it takes our focus if it interests you, I grew up reading story books, my mum loved to buy them for me to read and she asks me what I learnt after reading them, I think that’s how the habit of reading books came about; i loved story books especially publications from Lantern Books and other authors , books were the absolute love of my life then before men came , I even wrote one small story book then, Omo! childhood antics can be so funny , while reminiscing I have read books on love , adventure, I was addicted mehn. So everybody has a story to tell, others more defining than others or morally inclined than others but mine too also differs and my story today is the trials of being a skinny girl, the rejection and deceit is unmatched. If my ears could burst from the constant words of “You don’t eat, try to each well, mosquito, Sisi pelebe, kekere , I really hate that word, Alenu ma jeun,” all these words because I am skinny . Well it’s high time we praise ourselves.
Reintroduction, Meet Irene , a relentless girl with a heart of gold,stronger than ever, I am a force to reckon with . The girl with unwavering spirit, a beautiful Gen Z woman, who is no longer tolerating heartbreak and disappointment, even in love, she is gonna break hearts now because she has emerged from her trials and love failures with her head held high. You see her confidence level is top notch; self care and self worth routine , enjoyment babe .
She is a spec, being skinny does not define her. You lose big time if you underestimate her( you snooze, you lose ). Irene is too much abeg, omo ologo , kindhearted and a deep lover , ABBA’s beloved daughter, omo to na omo pa , slender with gracefulness.

Episodes of Diary of an Ambivert Girl

Have you seen a natural beauty? , she is full of the charm , inner beauty sef Dey there, her smile is full of love and charm. No go Dey whine federal, you will learn . Give way to the queen of highlight and love , because amidst all trials , she has an open arm, ready to spread love and kindness. Making this my daily mantra because we all need to appreciate ourselves and our growth. Only you can do the better job of self care to improve your life, nobody will help you with that . So on this note , practice reading self care books either on career or other aspects that interest you . Till we meet again next week with another book recommendation .