“Is Love Really Blind” – Diary of an Ambivert Girl (Ep6)

Hello my name is Irene, my friends call me portable;welcome to the trybe adventure on this
series called diary of the ambivert girl , lemme introduce you to the antagonists of this series
called LIFE , life has been unfair , the hurdles of life is frustration at it’s peak, but with hope
that one day LIFE will smile at me and treat me nicely. You will get to meet my other enemies DISAPPOINTMENT and others as the story flows.Well I ,Irene is the amiable and emotional protagonist of this story, strong career driven woman ,who is dedicated to achieve her goals despite being under the safety
net of her parents.  This story revolves around Irene struggles with family , friends and she’s a perfectionist,
she tries not to identify as a feminist but loves the good feminist idea. Click here to read previous Episodes 

“Is Love Really Blind”

Dear diary, my week is instantly better knowing that I have you and my man to talk to, a safety space to share my worries and pain with; oh yes , you did not hear that the wrong way, yes I have a man, a fine man. You could literally see my face light up anytime I talk about him. The occasional baby here and there wants to burst my brain. Well in general God is actually behind my smile, man is just a supplement God made to create those happy moments. May we not experience pain of broken relationships or homes.

I’ll be keeping this name anonymous, no name tags or anything because I won’t be mentioning my affiliation with the person. I have a quick question for my audience, how often do you pray for peace in your family? , so you ever wonder why some marriages work and some don’t ? If you currently have a partner, do you even pray to be sure you’re not making the wrong choices before being committed to the relationship. It is said that a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage and I strongly agree with this statement.

An incident was shared with me over the week, on how this person parent had a very big argument, one thing led to another. I can be certain if this altercation has happened more than once in the past years, but things have not gone this bad . In the details shared with me , it was a little confrontation from the mum to the dad, who was already drunk or tipsy, which probably annoyed him at the moment and the next thing the poor woman met was three hot slaps to her face , but she kept and cool and didn’t react to the violent act. Women are known to be sometimes sharp with the words from their mouth, but this woman kept quiet , but still pressed on with her words of “ I asked you not to take my property , I don’t like it anymore, and you slapped me , because of something that actually belongs to me” .

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Notwithstanding, she had few harmless words to say but he kept throwing the punches and went as far as destroying her personal stuffs. Why would he go that, to prove what point exactly, that he is the head of the house or he is in control. I remember my friend narrating an incidence of when the dad almost hit my friend with a metal stool because he was angry . I feel they are some things you should not do in front of your children either young or adult; it can affect their personality and their psyche. Honestly I can’t begin to imagine what this person will have to go through especially seeing the mum go through abuse or being relegated. It really pays to marry a God fearing man, it’s not just about being religious, because religious people also tend to have the worst character. Ladies should avoid envious men, insecure men, very very important. Apart from the fact that an envious man will never be genuinely happy for your success or appreciate your effort,he can make you go into depression, more reason why we all need to watch and pray. We all need a support system and if the person closest to you cannot support you, it’s very concerning.

As I reflected on the incident, I could not relate but I felt TP pain , was tired of the tensed or harsh atmosphere and environment. TP needed space to breathe in a more serene environment, so TP won’t have to harbour any hatred towards the dad. Sometimes it’s better to learn from other people’s mistake than learning the hard way from yours. May we not be in the same space with the wrong people or love the wrong people. Loving the wrong person is a not just heartbreaking, it can be destructive too, a very important prayer. Love is kind, patient, generous, sweet and all sorts not the other way round.

On this note,what advice would you give in that situation, is divorce or separation really an option here ? ,or she should forgive her spouse and just see him as a figurine( figurehead )and not a spouse ? . Well for someone that threatened to spoil her beautiful face , does he deserve mercy and pardon ?. What will you do if you are in her shoes?
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