5 Places To Have A Photoshoot In The University of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan” is certainly not a strange name to many. Prominently dubbed “The First and Best University”, the University of Ibadan assuredly lives up to her acclaimed standard, and even beyond.

Asides having great academic reputation, accomplishments and recognition, the University of Ibadan’s campus is a sight to behold for its magnificent structures and landscapes.

So if you are ever in UI and you feel the need to take photoshoots and bless your status with cool, mouthwatering pictures, these are some of the places you surely need to visit.

Below are five beautiful places with amazing sceneries in the University of Ibadan where you can always capture the moments alone, with your friends, associates or family, as the case may be.


The botanical garden remains one of the most natural and beautiful spots in the university of Ibadan. The botanical gardens is located near the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. It is a place I would highly recommend for a picnic and outdoor recreation.
The plethora of plants, exotic flowers and trees at this botanical reservation gives the environment an horticultural outfit and a remarkable ambience for lovers.
All you have to do is pay an affordable gate fee and voilà, experience the magic!
The botanical gardens is a beautiful, quiet, serene environment to relax, refresh your mind, rejuvenate, play and have fun. Most importantly, the gardens remain an excellent spot to capture the beautiful moments spent alone or with your loved ones.


The second on the list is Heritage park.
Heritage Park is a natural and serene spot located along Oduduwa road, across Queen Elizabeth II Hall.
The park is a very cool and beautiful garden in the University of Ibadan where you can relax, read, rejuvenate and meditate. Just like every other natural environments, the park is a good place for a mini outdoor party or a picnic, it’s also a hub of activities. The park has a plethora of trees and the tree branches soothingly touch to form a canopy over the field.
Heritage park is a great place to sit and hangout alone or with friends, at any time of the day. Judging by the beauty that comes with the natural background in the park, it undoubtedly makes a good photoshoot location in the day.
It is indeed, a place to experience the conducive splendour of nature.


Do you want the best sight of a lake with a cool environment for all forms of outdoor activities? This lush environment located in the University of Ibadan. is your best bet!

Now, shall we delve into history a bit? The Awba Dam was constructed and completed by the British Government in April, 1964. It would interest you to know that the dam was named after the river OBA which the European obliquely named Awba.
A visit to Awba dam reservoir could be all you need to have yourself a most memorable moment.
The environment has a nice view, a natural and biodiverse scenery with a beautiful lake. The environment also has a landscape that is indeed, a center of attraction.
It is an amazing spot for an excursion and has the wonderful view needed to take breathtaking pictures.


The Gamaliel Onosode Park, popularly known as love garden is located behind the Administrative building, opposite Tedder hall of residence and facing Mellanby Male Hall.
Love garden is a popular spot in the university of Ibadan. As the name goes, the garden is truly the perfect hangout for lovebirds.
Although, love garden is used as a place to read, discuss, rehearse, relax and as a venue for all sort of meetings, the spot is majorly patronized by romantic couples.
Love garden’s beautiful landscape gives it a romantic ambience and makes it one of the exquisite places you can take a photoshoot in the university of Ibadan.


Nature at its best!
Located at the Faculty Of Forestry and Renewable Natural Resources, the tree club park is one of the most serene parks in the University of Ibadan.
Tree Club Park encourages and promotes environmental consciousness and eco-friendliness.
It is a place for relaxation, a cool place to have fun and socialize with different kinds of people. The park has natural and interesting to see sights. It is also a good spot for poets and creative writers to get inspirations.
The park is an amazing spot for hangouts, outer recreational activities and of course, photoshoots!

If at any point, you feel the need to take a break, relax and enjoy a peaceful view of the environment, then these places are certainly some of the places you need to visit in the university of Ibadan. A trip to these serene spots would provide you unforgettable memories and even beautiful pictures.
Which places do you think we might have missed? Feel free to add them in the comment section below.