Every small business owner wants to have a thriving business and experience increase, expansion, and growth in their businesses.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen overnight. It is born out of hard work channelled in the right areas and directions. It’s not enough that you’re working hard and extremely talented. Are you working hard and using the right tactics?

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Truly, there is no hard-fast rule to this. But we have put together some proven tips on growing businesses that have benefitted other small business owners just for you.

1. Social media

As a small business owner, one sure and effective way to get up into people’s faces is to publicize your brand on various social media platforms. You don’t even need to be a professional to master the art of showcasing your brand on social media.

Here are some soft skills you should have as a student.

It might seem a bit daunting, especially judging from the pages of your favourite celebrity influencers, but you don’t have to post every day or even post the most aesthetic pictures and videos. Just ensure you establish a consistent schedule for posting and engage your followers as well, and then you’re good to go!

2. Flaunt your brand and expertise

After setting up your social media account, needless to say, the next course of action would be flaunting your brand and expertise. Give your followers a taste of what they stand to get from patronizing or working with you.

It could be pictures of your recent work or a short video of you creating one of your works. Anything at all that serves your followers and potential clients to see you at work and to get a glimpse of just how well you can deliver to them.

3. Customer reviews

As a small business owner, one other way to grow your business and client base is to ask your current customers for referrals when you offer services to them. Referrals could be written, or like a screenshot of your client’s comment after a job well done. It could even be a video detailing the customer’s reaction when receiving or unboxing the delivered goods.

Simply assuming that your current customers are telling others about how good and reliable your business is isn’t going to increase your customer base. You have to get referrals from them.

What referrals do for your prospective clients is that it assures them that you are capable of delivering to them efficiently even though they are yet to patronize you.

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4. Creativity

As a business owner seeking to grow his /her small business, you must be creative in your business ideas. Being creative could mean changing something about your delivery, how you package your goods. Or having a customized complimentary note to your client.

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Being creative in your business could also mean targeting a new audience for your products at a particular point in time. For instance, if you are a remote food vendor, you can decide to go to a trade fair to meet a new set of customers entirely.

These are just a few ways you can be creative in your business. We’re sure you can think of more!

5. Competition

To have a successful and thriving small business, you have to be open to studying and learning from your competitors. Whether they are doing it right or wrong, there’s still something to learn.

If they are doing something for the same product as the one you deliver and to the same target audience as you deliver to, and it is working right for them, then feel free to study what they are doing, how they are doing it and implement it in your business.

If the case is reversed, study what they are doing wrong and avoid doing the same in your own business.

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Even though these tips are proven, they will still require consistency, doggedness and hard work. And so on days where it looks like you haven’t got much to show for your hard work, keep at it. It’s going to come through soon!

Which tips are you going to implement in your business today? Let me know in the comments section!