4 Major Financial Advises You Need In Your 20’s

“Young and getting it” is a phrase youths of nowadays are always singing. Then, they go “I’m chasing the bag”. Most youth of this generation want to make money before they clock 25 at all. And some of them will go an extra mile just to get this said money but I am here with some advice for you today.

Don’t you want to hold money and smile like this?

You don’t need to break the bank before you make it, but it all comes down to making the right decisions and asking the right questions. We’ve seen some young millionaires arise these days with clean money, and it’s because they made the right decision. Sit back as I take you through this ride.

Don’t look down on yourself just because you weren’t born with a silver spoon. You could gather generational wealth and make sure your kids are born with a silver spoon, but you need to be disciplined.

1. Be sure to save up your earnings with the right organization

Saving some percentage from your earnings might be a hard task because you are used to spending all but you can imbibe the habit of saving towards your desired future. Make yourself wealthy by working towards it. And note when I said the right organization, yes, there are lots of scamming organizations out there. Ask investors around you to tell you about the organization they use. MONEYAFRICA can help you out too.

2) Invest in mutual funds

Don’t just save up, friends. Whatever percentage you are saving, invest some of it in mutual funds. And don’t just invest in one place, invest everywhere your money can fit.

3) Open a savings circle with goal-driven friends

A savings circle helps you get challenged to do. It helps to keep you on your feet and before you know it, you have start to save more than you think you can and then your massive wealth will start trooping in.

4) Be intentional about it.

Stick to the plan. If you had planned to save 5% from the start, keep it going that way. Do not allow anything to discontinue it. Be intentional about it, don’t be swayed by sweet nothings. You have a goal, look at the goal only. Don’t stop saving.
Start with as little as 5%, then you can keep increasing it. 10%, 15% ,20% till you can do 50%. Activate automatic debit, deduct the amount you are saving from your earnings.

You can pend jumping on trends till you make it. Who wants a broke trending friend? No one.Why don’t you stop yielding to peer pressure and build your own empire? Take the right advices. There’s nothing wrong with repeating clothes. Don’t feel bad because you do. Build your self-esteem so intimidation won’t get to you.

Nobody gets rich by looking it, we only get rich when we have built wealth. You can still be the latest even if you are late to the show. Keep your head up, your shoulders high as you start saving massively in your 20’s.