There has been a vital development in the global economy.

The economic situation of the globe has been transmitted from time to time, precisely from the goods economy to the information economy.

With the level of unemployment in the country, everyone tends to find a means to make their daily income right from the comfort of their home.

In this article, I will show you how to make money online in Nigeria.


1) Online Survey:

Purpose driven

Online surveys are short-term platforms, not that popular as a few know about it but it does pay. This is a platform where online or service personalities pay you for your opinions on a service. Some brands such as telecommunication and logistics tend to sort out people’s opinions about their new product or service. So, they tend to push out a survey to get people’s opinions for such products or services. However, not all surveys are working in Nigeria so you need to keep researching to know the ones that work as pay.


2) Have a YouTube channel: 

Honestly, people are sleeping on this opportunity. YouTube has been one of the top pay platforms, only if you have the ideas you want people to know about.

Entertainers and Social Media influencers leverage this to make money.

You don’t need sophisticated gadgets such as cameras, lights, and so on before you can have a channel. You can start with your phones, android and iPhone. All you need is consistency and patience because you must have at least 1,000 subscribers.

Nothing should stop you from creating a YouTube channel, since you have your unique ideas ready. If you are an introverted person like I am, you need to work on yourself behind the stage come to the front of the camera to display what you have for us, and start making your money.


3) Retail Trading:

This is about buying goods from sellers at a lower price and reselling them at a higher price. I know that the question you will ask me is that “Since you don’t have money, how will you be able to go about it?”  Calm down, I’m coming there.

The best platform for this retail trading is Jiji. ng all you need to have a WhatsApp account, know the kind of audience you have, know what they want in season, contact a seller on Jiji, and negotiate with him/her.

When your prospects or customers demand goods, they pay a higher amount of money, you place the demand for the goods at a lower amount, and you earn your profit. Your profit increased with the number of purchases.


4) Stock Trading:

This is different for crypto or forex trading. Moreover, if you can carefully analyze the trend of the economy, you can trade forex but it is highly risky. It can make you rich and can also put you in huge debt.

Stock Trading also works with the fluctuation of the economy.

You buy stocks when the price is low, and sell them when the price is high. If you want to buy stock, you make use of the technology app called Trove. However, before you buy any stock you must carefully do a thorough research on such a company. This will help you to be able to analyze the company and know when to buy their stock.


5) Online Tutoring:

As I’ve mentioned while explaining the use of YouTube channels. You can teach people craft; how to tie your scarf more decently, and how to repair your faulty laptop. You can even take academic work online. There are students having issues with some topics in school.

So, you take it up by taking them online no matter where they are and you make your money.

What you will be teaching does not need to be technical. For example, as a freelancer, you can take up the teaching of how to design a logo, how to design a functional website, and so on.

For those who know Nigeria’s history very well, this is a big opportunity for you. You can create a course and sell it all over the world, and you make your money from it. If you can cook, you can also make a course for it, and trust me people will buy it, even outside Nigeria.

Just think outside the box and start making your money at home.


You don’t need to have expensive gadgets before you start making money. You can make money with your smartphone, all you need is creativity, consistency, and discipline.

Ensure you maximize the world of technology we are in to maintain a better living.


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