5 Times In Anikulapo Saro Showed us that Yoruba Men Can Only Show You Pepper

The Nollywood movie “Anikulapo” is a historical story about Saro, a cloth weaver who came into Oyo Kingdom to seek greener pastures. He was lucky to meet a wealthy older woman named Awarun who indulged him and financed his cloth weaving business. Saro fell in love with the king’s wife Arolake and started an affair with her. Eventually, the king found out and Saro was ordered to be killed. Arolake saved Saro on the brink of death when the mystic “Akala” bird came for his soul and she took its gourd of power.

Saro and Arolake’s journey into a new land began and we see in the movie how Saro changed into an ungrateful and arrogant man leading to his downfall. The protagonist, Saro, was seen misbehaving in ways that affected his “supposed” loved ones, especially Arolake who sacrificed a lot for him. His greediness and promiscuity made his life take a tragic turn he never expected.

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In a Nigerian relationship, I’ve not seen anything as strong as the pepper Yoruba men can show you. The experience can drive you crazy or take you down to hell and back.

Here are 5 times Saro proved to us that Yoruba men can only show you pepper:

1. When Saro double-dated Awarun and Arolake

It is no doubt that Awarun came to Saro first when he newly came to the Kingdom of Oyo for a better life. Although she was much older than Saro, she took good care of him sexually and financially. One would have expected Saro to stick to Awarun only since she gave him everything he needed, but he didn’t.

He started seeing Arolake, but he didn’t break off his friends-with-benefits relationship with Awarun. A scene in the movie showed where he pleaded with Awarun to forgive and take him back when she found out he was seeing another woman. This reveals how much of a player he is.

It was obvious that Saro preferred to be with a younger woman such as Arolake than Awarun, who was much older, but it was cunning to see him try to juggle the two women at once. Yoruba men are caring but when you check well, you will notice that you are not the only woman in their lives.

2. When Saro slept with Arolake’s maid Omowon and impregnated her

When temptation comes, what are you supposed to do if not flee? Saro didn’t flee when Omowon’s backside enticed him. The maid who innocently bent over to perform some house chores didn’t know she had stirred wild thoughts and lust in Saro’s mind. Then, Saro lured Omowon into his bed and slept with her.

Despite professing his endless love for his wife, Arolake, he still betrayed their love by sleeping with her maid. Little did he know that his selfish actions had consequences. Omowon got pregnant and Arolake found out Saro was responsible for it and he responded by saying, “it wasn’t a big deal.” He didn’t admit his guilt and he showed no regrets for his actions. He rubbed Arolake’s barrenness on her face and told her that the baby Omowon conceived was a blessing to their home.

3. When Saro disclosed Arolake’s past to his third wife.

Yoruba men will stain your white and probably even drag you in the mud with it. Not only did Saro take in Omowon as his second wife, but he also took in a third wife. The third wife became his favorite and they both slept and went out together most times.

Saro neglected Arolake even when he knew how she sacrificed her life as the favorite wife(queen) of the Alaafin of Oyo kingdom for him. As if neglecting her wasn’t enough, he told his third wife about Arolake’s past. Arolake was mocked for being barren and called a fake queen. All these couldn’t have happened if Saro had been an excellent husband to Arolake. Like I said, Yoruba men will stain your white. Know this and know peace.

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4. When Saro raised his hand on his wife, Arolake

After Arolake found out that the story about her past had been revealed to the other wives, she was hurt, so she confronted Saro about it. While they conversed, they had a quarrel, and Saro hit Arolake out of anger.

This situation could have turned out differently but Yoruba men have a strong ego. It’s a kind of ego that won’t allow them to take disrespect from anybody, including their woman. The movie was set in the 17th century, and the Yoruba men in those days believed they were exerting discipline and dominance over their wives by beating them. For Arolake, it was not only physical abuse but also mental abuse.

5. When Saro mentioned that he acquired all his wealth by himself

In the movie Anikulapo, Saro owes his success and wealth to the women in his life. Initially, it was Awarun that welcomed him as a stranger in the land and gave him a job. After which she funded his clothing business and recommended him to high-value customers.

Arolake also helped him and she started by saving his life when the Akala bird came for his soul. A man can only boast about wealth if he is alive. All the wealth he got in Ojumo land was because of the gourd of power given to him by Arolake. That didn’t stop him from betraying her.

However, Saro claimed in one of the movie’s last scenes that he labored for everything he had by himself. He gave no credit to those who aided him in climbing up.

Saro in the movie “Anikulapo” is a clear example of how a Yoruba man will show you pepper with his full chest. The signs are always there. Let love lead but never lose your guard. If you haven’t seen the movie, I strongly recommend that you do.