Things That Made Anikulapo Stand Out From Other Traditional Nollywood Movies

“Anikulapo is Nollywood’s Version of  Hollywood Game of Thrones”

Compared to other traditional nollywood movies, “Anikulapo” really sent us back to the time of the old. All relevant events were duly represented and the setting was beyond amazing. It was so easy to get lost in the voice of Ifayemi Elebuibon as he narrated the Idi Osun.

In the midst of all these public appraisal and commendment as a top-notch movie  was the rejection of the nomination of  “Anikulapo” for an Oscar award in Nollywood.  This came as a shock to most people but the biggest one of all was the revelation of the special effect in what we thought was real – Arolake’s bare breast.

What else stood out in the production of the buzzing Yoruba Movie,  “Anikulapo”? Why is it creating such a buzz despite the rejection by Oscar? Why does Hakeem’s reveal of the prosthetic breast have nothing on the traditional Nollywood movie? Read on



Anikulapo movie was produced and directed by Kunle Afolayan, the CEO of KAP has been changing Nollywood with movies with intriguing thrilling storylines that leaves the viewers wanting more. From Citation to October 1st, Kunle Afolayan has been presenting fantasies that are imbued into reality. The movies are almost like you are in the plot with a role to play as a viewer. Regrets from watching a movie are absent and you’re left with swirling endorphins that leaves viewers in awe long after the movie climax.


Most traditional Nollywood movies are set in village – like locations or sub-urban locations created to imbibe the village vibe. However Anikulapo provided the reality of old Nigeria set in the slavery/colonization period by the whites. Anikulapo was set in Africa’s largest city – Ibadan in Oyo state.


Our popular veteran actors from the days of old were brought to star in Anikulapo movie. To produce a 50s, 60s movie, you need those people who were present at that particular time in life to perfectly execute their roles from a decade experience in acting different movie roles. Anikulapo awed us by bringing back old memories of our favorite actors – the likes of Ogogo, Dele Odule.

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4. ART

Aso-ofi, traditional wear of Yorubaland with Buba and Sokoto for the men, Iro and Buba for the women was the costume wear used in Anikulapo movie. With the ladies hair plaited fashionably in generic hairstyles. The houses and props used in the local movie by the subjects reminded us of our tribe and language pure in form without being diluted by English, contemporary Yoruba or modern civilization.


The movie plot was unique with fantastic turns and twists while showing human emotions in its most raw form. From pride to envy, erotic scenes,  loyalty, love, deceit. The movie has left us wanting more to view a sequel.

Anikulapo movie has shown different vibes from other traditional Nollywood movies, the Yoruba language spoken was pure and undiluted with the perfect translation into English subtitles unlike most Yoruba Nollywood movies where the speech was infused randomly with English  words. Anikulapo also stressed on supernatural powers using the “mystical bird”, they were utilized enough not to send us running into a horror fright as the likes of “Eran Iya Oshogbo”.