5 ways to prevent Nigerian men from staining your white. 

We all have seen it happen over and over again in the social space. It’s either somebody’s husband or fiancé was caught in another woman’s dm or they come out themselves to say unexpected and downgrading things after their partners have put them on a pedestal. These men will always find a way to embarrass you in public and these steps are necessary if we don’t want things like that to happen to us.

Ps: There might be bad advise below. Take this advice at your own risk because, what do I know? 

1) Avoid men

Must you date? Can’t you praise God? This is the most effective technique because it’s only someone that has a man that will be wondering if he is being faithful, or at least sensible in other women’s dm. 

2) Start dating women


If you must date, why not date women? Yes, since the gender that betrayed Jesus has decided that they want to see you finish why not try the other gender. Although there is no 100 percent guarantee that women won’t fall your hands as well, at least it won’t be men that will be doing the white staining.

3) Hide your man

Don’t be part of the women that flaunt their men online because things like this end up coming back to bite them in the azz. If you must post. Post different parts of his body e.g his hands, legs, ears, bum bum, etc ( must you post sef?) Even if we see a video of your man begging for s3x online or embrassing his ancestors in someone’s dm. We won’t even know he’s yours.

4) Stop boasting


If you have no option than be in the public eye please stop vouching for your man (my man can never do this, he can never do that). Because this man that you carry on your head can wake up one morning and decide to prove you wrong. Then you’ll lose both mouth and face in the public. Try to avoid public breakfast as much as possible so that when your man moves mad, only your compound people will know.

5) Stain their white before they stain yours

There’s nothing much to explain here.  You have to stop them before they stop you. Men won’t be able to disgrace you once you’ve disgraced them first. Since you don’t want them to stain your white why not stain theirs first? ( I don’t even know why y’all are wearing white up and down in the first place )