#UnilagJambite – How Upcoming Akokites Feel After JAMB

Usually, after JAMB exams and seeing your results, you either feel happy, sad or in between. A very good result or an expected result breeds happiness, the sadness basically mean the result is not the expected and might therefore not fetch you your desired course while the fact that you feel in between happiness and sadness simply depicts you are unsure of the situation at hand.

It is not of new that The University of Lagos is one of the most difficult Federal University to get admitted into; this fact remains the same in the nation. It shows the quality and credibility of the institution.

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Some people do not believe though.

The bottom line is, there is no upcoming Akokite that feels less elated about getting admitted to the school.

How do you think they usually feel?

That is what we are going to be discussing.

1. They feel on top of the World

Almost everyone at one point of their life must have felt they are on top of the world due to some certain achievement. Therefore, you will understand what type of feeling this is. This is an unstoppable feeling you experience after writing JAMB and you are very sure of your admission into the University of First Choice.

It is not easy naw!

It is definitely a big win.

The only sad part about this feeling is that, you might regret it later on. I will resist the urge to drop spoilers, so wait for it.

This feeling shows how triumphantly happy the aspirant feels, and honestly, for someone who really put in the work, it is highly deserving.

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2. They feel they are on a different level entirely

I remember a few years ago after writing JAMB and I knew for sure I would be an Akokite, I remember how I instantly felt I was on a different level.

There is this difference in level you will certainly feel when among other school aspirants.

During that time, if someone gets to ask me, ‘what school are you aspiring to go to?’

I will reply with pride and confidence, ‘UNILAG’. Yes, in capital letters because I say it affirmatively.

Sincerely, you cannot help but feel this way because a lot of people hold the school in high regard and once they are aware that is where you are going, your level changes instantly as well as the way you are being perceived.


3. They feel they are the best of the best

It is very ridiculous that other schools in this country compare their school to Unilag, lol.

Some of them would even go to the extent of calling the school names basically because they were rejected.

Imagine being admitted into a school that has everything, the feeling is everything!

Unilag admits the best of the best.

I repeat, if you are not the one of best among the JAMB applicants, the school cannot admit you. And this is evident in the increase of the cut off marks annually. The cut off marks never decreases, it either increases or remains the same it was in the previous years.

There is a lot of amazing things about the school and that is why it would forever remain the nation’s pride. They admit quantity qualitatively and they have proven it over the time.

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4. They can feel Uncertain


Even if you are witch or wizard, you cannot choose Unilag and not be scared.

If you like score 350 in JAMB, Unilag can still shenk you.

This fear feel cannot be overemphasized. Although, you might be super intelligent and probably have not failed before in your entire life, you would still have a certain percentage of this fear in you. This has no reason other than the fact that there are a lot of stereotypes the school is known for based on previous stories.

I felt uncertain too, my heart raced when the cut off mark was released despite the fact I was certain they would admit me. It is always like that and it cannot be escaped.

You know, this is just a phase of life.

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The feelings highlighted above are emotions you cannot help but feel when you are an upcoming Akokite. Our brains have been designed to feel in such way and we are also responsible for the results it would harbour for us.