Looking to have some fun this semester? Here are some places on UNILAG campus you can try

We know that with the new year comes new resolution, goals, drama and sometimes even a sudden excitement and curiosity. I know that this could be a year that you’d like to try something different, maybe your new year’s resolution is to step out of your comfort zone or maybe you’re just bored and you’re looking for something new. For all our amazing students and readers out there, here are five places you can try out, if you want to have some fun this semester.


1. Underground basements

Hold on a sec, let me take a picture of the confused looks on y’all’s faces, hehe. Okay, on a serious note, it’s not as silly as it sounds. An underground basement is basically just a theme of an event. I know I used the word “event” but don’t worry it isn’t too big. It’s kind of like a little get together where upcoming artists go to perform, network and meet other artists. You also never know who might show up *wink, wink* for UNILAG students, you’ll see the flier somewhere when one is about to come up. It usually holds at the access bank car park or at new hall.


2. Plays and dramas.

Okay, I just put this up here because these don’t usually have a specific location. Depending on what the play is and what the organizers want, plays can take place at different places on campus. I haven’t been to one before and it’s something I really want to try out this year. Most plays take place during second semester (which is the one we’re in) so be on the lookout. But plays usually take place at the main auditorium or the art theatre. Don’t worry, when a play is set to premiere, you should start seeing posters all around the school. Just be vigilant.

3. Food/trade fairs

These pop up all the time no matter the time or the semester. You just have to be looking for them, I guess. Food fairs are the perfect places to buy the food and snacks you’ve been craving and also to try out new foods. Be careful though, don’t spend all your money in one place. But most food fairs keep students in mind, so the prices will be affordable. The food fairs here at UNILAG usually take place at sports centre. And speaking of sports centre… that brings me to my next point


4. Pop up concerts.

These take place everywhere and in a lot of different ways as well. Just like with plays, from time to time different performers show up to promote themselves and their art. They could be upcoming artists sometimes and at other times they could be popular artists. The thing about concerts is that they aren’t usually free but entry/tickets come at affordable prices. And it’s an opportunity to make fun and awesome memories with your friends and maybe just maybe get that selfie with that artist you like.


5. Sports Center

The sports center isn’t jut a place for concerts, it’s also a place to watch and enjoy sporting activities. If you hear of a match like the VC’s games for example, you can go there to watch. The best kind of matches (in my opinion anyway) are the ones that take place on the grassy pitch and you can watch from the bleachers. And if you didn’t come to watch anyone, the sports center is also an awesome place to learn new sports, practice the ones you already know how to play and get a good work out.

Alrighty, I hope this article was a fun and enjoyable read. If you’re looking for more amazing content like this, feel free to subscribe to the trybe city news letter and check out the rest of the trybe city website.