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Trybe City blog is Trusted, Tested and Reliable as the Best online media across all campuses in Nigeria. Trybe city blog is educative, full of fun and entertaining.
On the Trybe City blog, we provide you with purely educative journals and academic tips in your field of study giving you a champion status.
We keep you entertained through our interesting stories, fun facts, amazing quiz and trivia games. With trybe city the fun never ends.
We render our services through our back room staff of well trained professionals from so many campuses across the federation. With Trybe you can be guaranteed of 100% truth in every of our productions. We provide you with verified news and information always. You can be assured to always get legit information in your campus first on the Trybe City blog.That’s why we are trusted.
Join the large community of Nigerian students who trust in Trybe City as their No.1 legit source. #DoItWithTrybe

About Trybe City Technology Limited

The Trybe City LTD is a registered Conglomerate under the corporate affairs commission, The trybe City is a multi-media business outfit serving across all campus in Nigeria .


Trybe City LTD nurtures the vision to emerge as one of the biggest multi-media campus business outfit.


To bring innovative developments which will revolve the entertainment, education, finance and social aspect of OAU

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