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Match The Picture To The Phone Brand; Only True Android Users Can Score A 10/10 In This Quiz

Android phones own majority of the smartphone market, IOS just owns a little fraction of it we all know that, but as a real Android

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Outsiders, Gather Here And Let’s See If You Can Score 10/10 In This Quiz.

Where the biggest outsiders for the house dey? In case you don’t understand it means where are the Burna Boy stanss, lol. Gather around and

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Supa Strikaz assemble! Tackle this quiz without batting an eyelid.

The majority of us are aware of the super strikas series being aired on TV. The football team where the football players, dressed in red

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Quiz: Can You Ace This Naruto Quiz As A True Weeb?

Some of us grew up watching Naruto while some watched it when they’re grown up, I know there are also others who didn’t. All nice.

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How Well Do You Know UI Hostels? Only Confirm Uites Can Ace This Quiz

As a bonafide student of the University of Ibadan, you are immediately assigned a room as you are admitted. So you directly get incorporated into

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WakandaForever- Do You Still Remember the Cast in Black Panther 1? Take This Quiz to Find Out

WakandaForver! Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hits Nigerian cinemas on the 11th of November 2022. This release has been long awaited since 2018 when Black Panther first

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Can You Guess the Character from Harry Potter?

It has been twenty years since the first Harry Potter came to our screens. The film, unquestionably, had a great storyline and we had fun

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Can you identify these automobile brands with their logos? Take this quiz to find out

Hello there, welcome to Trybe Trivia quiz. As we all know, automobiles makes our movement quick, easy and fun. It is a fact that we

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Which Street Food are You? Find Out in This Quiz.

You cannot argue that Nigeria has a rich variety of street food. We have both healthy and greasy options. But you have to hand it

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Can you identify these app logos, Only a correct Gen Z can score 8/10.

We can all agree that one distinctive factor for every brand is its logo. Be it a clothing brand, food brand, financial brand, or sports