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How Long Should A Guy Chase A Lady Before Giving Up? 10 Uni Students Shared Their Opinions

Shooting your shots at your desired lady is one of the cool things guys would always do. While ladies are often known for their “playing

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Nob Life: I Have A Great Passion For Modeling, But I Don’t Let It Affect My Schooling.

Hi lovelies, I trust you are doing well. In today’s interview session of Nob Life; students thriving in school, work, fame, and money, we have

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Sailing Links: My Best Friend Has a Bad Temper, But I Can Never Leave Her

In this category, we give you the gist of thriving relationships among lovers, sisters, brothers, best friends, etc. There is a popular notion about women

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Ever Been Served Breakfast? 10 Uni Students Shared Their Heartbreak Experiences That Will Shock You To The Core

We’ve heard different comparisons about the things that hurt most in life and heartbreak is one of them. To be realistic, what could hurt more

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The Royals And The Chiefs In The Movie “Anikulapo”; Where Have You Seen Them Before?

If you have seen the buzzing Yoruba movie, you must have noticed that most of the major casts used like Saro, Arolake, Awarun, and King

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Meet The Cast of The Buzzing Yoruba Movie; “Anikulapo”

We all know that for every successful movie, the director must have done a remarkable job. However, the cast of many movies also contributed massively

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Things That Made Anikulapo Stand Out From Other Traditional Nollywood Movies

“Anikulapo is Nollywood’s Version of  Hollywood Game of Thrones” Compared to other traditional nollywood movies, “Anikulapo” really sent us back to the time of the

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5 Times In Anikulapo Saro Showed us that Yoruba Men Can Only Show You Pepper

The Nollywood movie “Anikulapo” is a historical story about Saro, a cloth weaver who came into Oyo Kingdom to seek greener pastures. He was lucky to

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ANIKULAPO(2022) : We Reviewed Anikulapo Movie Without Giving You Spoilers

“Anikulapo is the next best Oscar-worthy Nollywood movie, however, we demand more” If you haven’t watched the “Anikulapo” movie till now, I mean as of

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Sailing links: No woman can come between me and my best friend

In this category, we give you the gist of relationships that are thriving among lovers, sisters, brothers, best friends, etc. For this edition, we interviewed