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Top 10 Most Popular UNILAG Celebrities

As many of you reading this may know, many of the Nigerian Celebrities you know, graduated from UNILAG but did you also know that Unilag

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Top 7 Most Beautiful Lecture Theatres At UNILAG

One thing that stands the University of Lagos out as one of Nigeria’s finest apart from its slogan (the University of first choice) is the

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What Happens When You Fight With Your Department Lover

Dating a student in your department can be sweet, that fine senior everyone loves or that your breathtaking coursemate can be so ‘awwwn‘ worthy. Those

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10 Fun Activities To Engage In During Exam Period

During the exam period, the struggle of reading courses back to back or solving past questions can be overwhelming for students and hereby lead to

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7 Things You Should Do Before Lectures Kickoff As A UNILORIN Fresher

If you are a student in the “better by far” university, you would have known the things you didn’t regret doing at the onset of

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Unpopular But Lucrative Courses At UI

Hi there! Are you a jambite who is applying to the University of Ibadan? You probably have a desired course picked already, but due to

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5 Fancy Restaurants Around University of Ibadan

Are you a Uite? Who is trying to get a fancy restaurant to visit around University of Ibadan. We are here for you! Either you


Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Institution

Making the right decision when it comes to institutions can be tough, and is also a big decision. So, deciding this, one has to consider

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If you go to a Federal University in Nigeria, first of all, I hail una. It’s not easy. Listed below are some things only federal


11 Things You Would Relate To If You Live In Unilorin School Hostel

The unilorin school hostel is always filled with different students every session, especially with the system of bed space allocation. Most freshers are those that