7 Mouth-Watering Food Combinations You’ve Been Missing Out On

Life is too short for you to be eating boring food combinations. How can you be eating rice 7 times a week and not decide to spice it up? Comrade, how? Now, you are wondering how you can step up your meals. Come with me, boss, let me cut you some soap.

1. Rice and gbegiri (Beans soup)

Just take a look at that plate of goodness

Oh my sweetness, your rice can be much more better when you eat it with the “gbegiri” stew. Did I hear you say, you don’t know what ‘gbegiri’ is? Gbegiri is a soup made out of beans. So, eating your rice with gbegiri is just like eating rice and beans.

2. Rice and bama

Imagine.. how this glass of goodness will taste on your rice

You are on white fast and you probably thinking about what to do with your rice. Guy, just add Bama. Instead of the normal rice and oil, change it and add “Bama”. Try this and you will know that the Lord is good.

3. Puff-puff and beans

Your beans can always taste better…

Why will you just choose to eat bread and beans every time when you can eat Puff-puff and beans? And what’s the difference between Puff-puff and bread by the way? Don’t forget to eat the two at a go.

4. Bread and pap

Omooo… See that combo

Lordy Lord, the sweetness of this combo is from another planet. Make sure your pap has sugar. If you know you want your sweetness on a platinum level, add milk to your pap and you are good to go.

5. Rice and okra

Sweetness galore😋😋

Now, in this combo, make sure your okra soup is the “ila alasepo”. Ila alasepo is a soup made with okra and palm oil with all kinds of assorted you might want to add. Rice and stew is boring, rice and okra is the best. You gerrit, if you don’t gerrit, forget abourrit.

6. Spaghetti and draw soup

All you need to do is add ogbono or ewedu and you are good to go. Thank me, later.

The beautiful thing about this combo is that the Spaghetti must be long, as you are drawing the spaghetti, the soup draws with it. Just imagine, the delight and sweetness, you are going to experience.

7. Yam and beans cake

Guy… See that goodness

My dear, as far as you can eat, yam and beans, why is yam and beans cake not possible? After all, beans cake was made out of beans. This combination can be likened to yam and egg. Eating yam can always be better with beans cake.

I know this information is eye-catching and useful, make sure you try this out. Say no to eating boring foods, you can do better, my guy. Fighting.

Eat rice and okra in the morning, bama and beans in the afternoon, yam and akara