You remember those times some songs made us lose our home training? Yes! We want to do flash back today.
Here is a list of the ones I can remember:

1. First of All

Y’all remember that Olamide’s song then. In any conversation you are starting, don’t make that mistake of saying ‘first of all’.

Cos I could remember in my secondary school, the principal in one of his morning speech said “first of all” then the whole students replied with “introduction”

2. Skelewu

When we heard the song then, we were like “which one is this again”, not until the dance video was released, and everybody was moving mad, party dey always scatter at the play of Skelewu.

3. Story for the Gods

This one made us all rude, if anybody dey ask unnecessary questions laidis, small time, people don reply, “story for the gods”. Olamide mapawa na.

In one of our classes then, when the teacher was explaining, one werey murmured “story for the gods”

4. Shakiti Bobo

You know this one is even crazier, we heard “Omo wobe” from this song. This song legitly turned every body to Omo Wobe, it was a madness each time the song start playing at parties. The dance step is even madder. Shakiti Bobo has its dance step and scattered all parties that year. At the play of Bobo, all souls must raise to their feet.

5. Dorobucci

You see this one ehn! It was in 2014, it’s a season we can’t forget, just like the Sneh era. You all remember how we danced to the song?

And not just that, 90% of ladies were crushing on Korede Bello and his winking smile then. All those ladies are probably married to their “Kabirus” now sha

6. Lagos Boys(Sneh)

Olamide gave everyone a new surname, everybody started adding “sneh” to their names. A classmate then wrote “Qudus sneh” on his notebook.

You added sneh to your name abi you dinnor add?

7. Oya Dab

This one took us to another world, everybody started dabbing at the play of this song, people dey dab inside pictures sef

8. One Corner

This one is actually the height of losing home training , you see a mature human grabbing the nearest thing and pakurumo! You know na. Walahi! Nigerians are something else!

9. Soapy

Talk about king of craze in music industry, and you are not mentioning Naira Marley?

Are you f**king shey yeye Naira Marley?! Soapy made everyone do those crazy moves in public fgs!

2019 was the craziest year in Nigerian music industry, we had the reign of “Marlians“. Trust me, we all are Marlians and we enjoyed it. Sey you remember that soapy dance steps?

I might have missed some jams , abeg remind me in the comments section.