4 Red Flags You Ignore Because You Are In Love.

Have you ever been in a situation where your love interest breaks your heart but not all of a sudden? That situation where you have seen the breakfast coming, but you desperately wished it never got served, then there you were, eating it hot and spicy, and you can not even be properly heartbroken at that point because your heart has been gradually falling apart before that final hit.

Here’s -how to cope with heartbreak as a student-.

Constantly making excuses for them so they remain that perfect image we have of them in our heads? Taaaar! But do not worry, you are not alone. To be frank, it is a “we are not alone” thing. Relationships are not without their ups and downs, so it is a good idea that some supposed red flags should be overlooked, however, a few issues are like bright red flags flapping viciously in the wind and are begging to not be ignored. –It seems like that is the type of red flag I always choose to ignore sha. Omoo.

  • They don’t make time for you:

Oh no. What are you…sorry, we still doing in those situationships -not worth calling a relationship- sef. E no dey tire us? How do we even say someone who doesn’t even care whether or not we talk at all is our love interest? Trust me, that’s not the type of person we want to have in our corner. Let’s stop putting ourselves through that emotional torture.

We send an, “Hey babe, it’s been three days since we last spoke… Don’t you miss me?” Then they reply 5 hours, thirty minutes later with an, “Has it? Oh sorry.. I’ve been busy mopping my roof. Don’t want any bird sh*t on my house.” And we foolishly –can’t even blame it on love sometimes- reply them with a, “Oh no problem. So, how did it go?” Puh-lease!!! Enough! It’s better to take the L and serve yourself the breakfast the way you can manage it than to remain there and be served hot bitter pepper soup with extra hot spice. Hot tears coming thraaaa!!

See 6.

  • They blame their bad attitudes on their zodiac signs:  

“Babe, you know my aggressiveness is because I’m a cancer nau.” Dolapo, if you don’t want to have cancer better fix up! Kini! Na only you sabi vex? OR the guy that goes, “But you know I’m only overly controlling because I’m a Scorpio.” Victor, it is a scorpion that will bite you if you refuse to do better. Na only you? Grace, it is because you’re a Pisces that you want to pieces somebody’s son’s heart with harsh words and threats abi? You no get fear of God? Well, if your partner falls into any of these categories, I don’t need to say it but run! Massive red flag. The type they use to signify a danger zone. Don’t ignore it for your own good abeg.

  • They stop saying those three words back: 

I love you, I miss you, I need you, and all the other special three-worded sentences. If they stop saying these words back to you then it is time to let them be. You might make all the excuses for them in this world but nothing will ever justify not missing someone you like and haven’t spoken to for a while. NOTHING! I know you’ve built a perfect image of them in your mind and you’re protecting that image of them but for your own good, let that perfect image get soiled a little so you can understand the depth of carelessness they have towards you. I’d normally say you should talk about it but talking about it will only cause you more pain. They might make you feel safe when you talk about it but I can almost promise you that they will repeat it. So my guy, RUN! SARE! MA WEYIN! Salvage what’s left of your heart and make a run for it. Let’s not wait till they completely shatter it for us again.

  • They don’t apologize: 

It’s your responsibility to know whether the person you want to share your heart with cares about how you feel and if they don’t ??? Omo. You know what to do o. Don’t let yourself be the victim of emotional blackmail. A partner that gaslights you into apologizing when he/she is wrong? Run!! Or they just don’t care about how their words and actions affect you. My guy, RUN! Let Usain Bolt feel intimidated by your speed of withdrawal from that relationship. They will make you feel stupid for pointing out their errors. RUN!

See 7.

If you don’t want your situation to end like one of these guys sharing their -breakfast stories-, adhere to what the article has said so far🥺.

Have any experience with any of these? You know more? Let us know in the comment sections!