King Swallow: Fascinating Benefits Of Amala

What’s popping, dear Trybe Citizens? Your best food coach is here. So, I have heard people flying up and down debating on Amala. Really, though? Should this even be a debate? Keep reading as I explain to you why Amala should be one of your favorite swallow.

1.Amala supports a healthy digestive system

High in fiber and water content which is the best for healthy bowel movement. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties which help prevent constipation because it helps in easy digestion. Amala is prescribed for healthy digestive process.

2. High in Fiber

It is rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber contains properties that help minimize low density lipoproteins. Eating Amala will help reduce any heart-related conditions which high cholesterol in the body might result in. How? Low density lipoproteins is one of the carriers of cholesterol.

3. Contains Vitamins B & C

Thiamine (B1) helps the body in generating energy from the nutrients and it is also needed for easy digestion. Vitamin C fight infections, intervenes in the healing of wounds, and neutralizes blood toxins. I’m sure this is enough to convince you why eating Amala is a must.

4. Best swallow for diabetes patients

It is rich in carbohydrates which helps in the regulation of blood glucose and provides energy to the body. Although it is must be eaten in moderation, it is still recommended for diabetes patients. Amala prevents ketosis and help break down fatty acids. It has low glycemic index which help to avoid fast increase in glucose level.

5. It’s a must eat for women

For women who lack Vitamin B6 and those that go through hormonal imbalance, Amala is a must eat. Why? Amala has enzymes that balance and modify hormones.

Just so you know, Amala is not trash only when it’s not done properly or eaten with the wrong stew. Stop hating on Amala and eat goodness in the form of Amala. What food do you want know about again? Hit me up in the comments section.

Yours in food,