5 Underrated Benefits Of Sleeping

Sleep! Yes, sleep! it’s a therapy. A state of being unconscious. A peaceful state. It feeling cannot be matched. A state that takes a being to cloud 9, I bet your lover can’t? Or can he/she?

A means of rest prescribed to all mankind from the Most High.Thank you for this heavenly gift!

Ok! I think I should stop praising and go to the reasons. You heard the title and you are thinking “but I used to sleep? And I’m not underrating it”

See ehn! There are some pleasure that you probably haven’t noticed, or maybe know and don’t pay attention to.
These are the underrated benefits;

1. Sleep take away all pains:

One of the big things that sleep does is this. It’s like a therapy that takes away all your pain. Common! Imagine going through an heartbreak and you suddenly fall asleep. You will definitely forget that person/thing that broke your heart at that point. My dia, why not sleep through this heartbreak? You will be fine, ok?

2. Sleep is a medication:

Have you been to an hospital? Yes, right? Right. What will the doctor/nurse say to a sick person after every injection/drip/medicine?Think about it. Sleep is the magician here. I hope you are seeing the reasons now?

3. Sleep takes you to your wildest and weirdest imagination:

A lot of times, we see what we imagine in our sleep. Even places you might not have imagine. Only sleep can do that. Sleep Omo werey!

4. Sleep is equivalent to peace:

life can be full of chaos at times, you want to excuse yourself from the whole drama. You are just a inch away. Go on a sleeping trip, my dia. You will love it. I’m a living witness.

5. Sleep can be deceitful:

As Interesting as it may sound, you can sleep for 8hrs and it would look like you slept for 5mins.

I once had my alarm on, then it woke me up and I was like “Yo! I still much time” then snooze for 10mins only to wake up 30mins after.Only sleep can do that. It can be weird at times. Never underrate sleep. Again, I’m a living witness

Medical practitioners define sleep as an essential function that allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up. Healthy sleep also helps the body remain healthy and stave off diseases. Without enough sleep, the brain cannot function properly

You should start sleeping, you know