Tales of The Kenneth Dike Library

And here you are in the prestigious university, the no.1 university in the country, the first thing you’d want to go after which is your major objective in school is your academics. You’d want to make this your main objective because before getting admitted, you’ve heard about how the school had ‘tsunamised’ or ‘eroded’ students from the Institution or their most preferred faculty or department after their first year or even the second year, this is usually done to students who couldn’t meet up with the institution’s standard.

Tsunami is the word used when the school advises a student to leave the school, erosion is the word used when the school advises the student to withdraw from a particular faculty or department. As someone who had heard about this, you’d want to sit tight in your first year and you’d want to make Kenneth Dike your second hostel.


The Kenneth Dike library was founded with the university in 1948, it was formerly a small house filled with books which was later on turned into the school library and then named after the first indigenous principal and vice-chancellor, Professor Kenneth Dike and since that time, it has served as the school’s biggest and most useful library because of its features having both electronic and manual form or getting books.

There are myriads of people you’d meet in this palace of books, you meet people who are there to read, people who are there because they feel they should be there but they don’t have a particular goal going there. The Kenneth Dike library has different kinds of people and some of these people are;

1. The Jackometer

This set of people are the people you’d always meet in this place, these people literally don’t leave at all, get there in the morning, you’d meet them, come evening, they are still there. TDB upon TDB upon MTN, they just don’t stop, it’s just the way it is, the institution is a place you need to go extraordinarily. There is one thing I find funny about these people which is that you won’t see them eating, just water, they will always be with a bottle of water, this is just their fuel, recharging, daring to go on and by doing this, they spend a long time reading.

2. The Foodie

Cheese balls, biscuits, sweets, popcorn etc. These are the things you’d see with this set of people in the library, actually, they also have the intention of reading but yeah they want to eat and reality is that after they’ve spent time eating all the goodies they brought then they’ll sleep. Sometimes, I’d always think these are evil by bringing these goodies in the library because other students might lose concentration trying to divide their attention between the aroma of the popcorn and the book they are trying to focus on.

3. The Group

These ones have chosen the library as the venue to catch up and talk about things and sometimes they’d even turn it into a hub for multiplayer games. This is not a good attitude for the library and yeah, the school had taken proper measures to curb these acts. These people act disturb other students in the library and it’s not ideal.

4. The Follow Come

These set of students don’t have a particular thing to do in the library, these people are on the premises because they want to make their peers feel that they are also going to the library which in the real sense, they are not doing themselves good because they always don’t end up reading or something. These students don’t understand their reading pattern, they don’t what type of reading plan suit them, maybe it’s TDB or MTN. They always end up sleeping and thereby wasting their time.

5. The Library Clown?

Are they the clown? Or they are attention seekers? You deep in the night when everyone is already keen on their, trying to reel things in and suddenly you’d hear someone exclaim “iwe le ooo” (meaning: the book is difficult), everyone might just burst into laughter or something, the thing is this act might cause either two things which may be; relieving stress you’ve been under trying to solve an O.D.E equation or might just be an attention breaker and might kill someone’s morale. You’d always see this type of person in most libraries or reading rooms in the school, they are always there to either seek your attention or maybe relieve your stress while at it.

The Kenneth Dike library is popular among the students and it has served the students for years, and with proper transition and the addition of better facilities, it will continue to be a very good tool for the students. And here, you’ll meet the jackometer, the foodie etc. different kinds of people and this is just the way it is.