10 Snacks/Drink FUOYE Students Mistook For Oxygen.

Healthy eating habit and we the students of FUOYE feel like two sides of one coin that never see eye to eye under normal circumstances.

Amidst all the stressful learning, studying, and hustling that we do, food always finds a way to the bottom of our to-do list even though we struggle to keep it up. Waking up in the morning and having to rush getting ready for a 7 am or 8 am lecture usually leaves us with no choice than to get snacks in the school’s premises.

Consuming snacks has even become so habitual to some of us to the extent that we can’t seem to be ourselves if we haven’t gotten one while in or out of school. I’m just going to point out 10 snacks that we rely on to always come through for us.

1. Meat pie (mince pie)

More like space pie, this low budget mince pie is a “vulcanized” piece of baked dough. Are we aware of the unnecessary free space inside it? Yes! Will we complain when we buy it? Yes! Will we buy it again? Absolutely! It’s not like the taste is that nice or anything. Maybe it’s the air in the space inside, it has become like oxygen, something Oye students especially can’t do without. The only way you’re getting a standard meat pie is at a standard eatery + outside school + extra cash.

2. Poki

Imagine a dough is made with the intention of making an extra hard sausage roll but one without any of the sausage roll fillings or hot dog. Just pure buns standard hard dough rolled against itself and deep fried because I refuse to imagine they are baked and still taste how they taste sometimes. This is an Ikole special as it is Inarguably the most popular snacks on the campus while only few students at the Oye campus have heard of it.

3. Bread buns

Right under the shadow of poki is where breadbuns lies. Only, it is a puffpuff textured dough as opposed to the near buns texture of poki. Is it because there is bread in the name? I don’t know. All I know is that some devious beings have often gotten creative with it by taking it with beans which brings up the question, where exactly do students draw the line in what they injest

4. Egg roll

The only normal standard snack. They probably thought if they ruined the egg roll for us, some of us would find a way to use the eggs against them via sacrifices. Nevertheless, the eggrolls are satisfying but you know one thing about flour products? You can’t get enough of the good stuff. One egg roll eventually births the urge to keep buying till your money finishes or the eggroll goes out of stock.

5. Gulundi

Special flat crispy snacks. Is it made from cassava? Suya? Coconut? Frankly, I don’t know. What I know is the sole seller has this not so popular snack sold out day in, day out. Imagine you could slice one coaster biscuit into about three slices and have it as crispy and hard as possible. Got the picture yet? Yeah that sounds about right to explain it.

6. Fish roll

To cut the cap short, this is more pepper roll than it is fish roll. Just rodo, alubosa (onion), and probably fish oil wrapped in flour. Nothing special here at all but what can we say. It quenches hunger and is affordable. What more can a student ask for?

7. Pomo sauce

This one is for the big boys or people that don’t care to perish economically cause even as pomo is not really a snack, it is a temptation resembling one. Once you fall into its spicy arms, you just keep going back for more.

8. Boiled groundnut

This one is a pandemic. The only people that can confidently say they haven’t bought this local snack are those that are probably allergic to it. Once it is its season, everybody starts to throw something into their mouths. Ghost o, most popular o, money bag o, at the mercies of boiled groundnut, we are all equal.

9. Roasted corn

Another casual local snack that has every one of us on lockdown is the roasted corn. When this one comes to shine, everybody looks like they are taking harmonica lessons. Two hands on both ends of the instrument and the front surface playing in the mouth. Music to my ears but more like fast food to my belly.

10. Cupcake

This one is an umbrella for the normal everyday cake and the not so normal everyday space cake. No. you don’t want to eat them at the same rate. One will not satisfy you while one will attempt to run you mad. Trabaye ministers are addicted to one while omo ope boys know enough to stick to their cake.

The number of times these snacks have come through for us is uncountable. Some honorable mentions include Chips (plantain/potato), boli (roasted plantain), and various biscuits.