University of Ibadan has 3 halls of residence for her female students; Queen Elizabeth II hall, Queen Idia hall and Obafemi Awolowo hall. These halls of residence have what is unique to them.

1. Queen Elizabeth II Hall

Queens’ hall logo

This is the hall for the big girls and mummy’s girls on campus. The residents of these hostel enjoy smooth transportation because it’s nearer to the school gate but supply of water can be an issue most times.

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Queens’ hall

2. Queen Idia hall

Idia Hall logo

Moving on, we have the Queen Idia hall which is by default the best female hostel in the University. This hall has just 4 blocks and each block has its water tank as opposed to Queen’s hall. The porters are friendly and can even be seen joking with the residents.

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3. Obafemi Awolowo hall

Obafemi Awolowo hall logo

Then, the Obafemi Awolowo hall which is the largest female hall in the Sub-Saharan Africa. Apart from this, each block has about 6 floors and these floors do not have running water on them which leave its occupants to source for how to get water to their floor. Most Awoites have yam legs due to the fact that they have to climb stairs.

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Awo Hall, UI

Your comfortability depends on the hall of residence you are and the floor you are. But despite all odds, some students still enjoy their stay in all of these halls while some just leave it at que cera cera.

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